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How did Abbey Fleck become a millionaire?

In 1993, eight-year-old Abbey Fleck invested Makin’ Bacon, a microwavable bacon cooking plate that allowed bacon to cook without sitting in its own grease. Abbey and her father, Jonathan manufactured the product. In 1996 Makin’ Bacon was granted a U.S. Patent. Fleck became a multi-millionaire from her invention.

How did Abbey Fleck get her start as an entrepreneur?

Inspired by an offhand comment from her father, Abigail M. Fleck invented a new, quicker, and healthier way to cook bacon and founded a company to sell her product. One Saturday morning in 1993, when she was eight years old, Abbey Fleck and her father, Jonathan, were cooking bacon in their St. Paul, Minnesota home.

What did Abbey Fleck make?

Abbey Fleck and her dad, Jon, invented the Makin Bacon microwave dish. Online counterfeits are threatening the businesses. Abbey Fleck was only 8 years old in 1993 when she came up with the idea for a piece of microwave cookware for making bacon that her father, Jon, turned into a multimillion-dollar business.

What is Makin bacon?

An 8-year-old girl named Abbey invented a product called the ‘Makin Bacon’. The product says that with it, you can cook bacon better above the fat, not in it. The Makin Bacon is easy to set up. You can cook up to 12 pieces using the Makin Bacon tray.

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Who invented microwavable plastic?

Abigail (Abbey) M. Fleck is an American inventor born in St. Abbey and her father, Jonathan Fleck, founded the A. de F. Ltd. company to manufacture this product. In 1996 their “microwave cooking vessel” was granted a U.S. Patent.

What did KK Gregory invent?

invented a type of sleeve to keep her wrists warm after she found they kept getting cold and wet when she was playing in the snow. K.K. received a patent for her invention, which she called Wristies® wrist warmers. After testing them out on her Girl Scout troop, who liked them, she started her own company to sell them!

How do you use Makin bacon?

This microwave bacon cooker cooks the bacon in the air and not in the fat. Simple and easy to use – hang the bacon over the bars, place one sheet of roller towel over the bacon and into the microwave. With the right amount of time you have crispy bacon with up to 35% less fat.

Who invented Makin bacon?

A young Abbey Fleck, co-founder of Makin Bacon. One Saturday morning in 1993, eight-year-old Abbey Fleck was cooking bacon in the microwave with her father, Jon.

Is bacon a pork?

With the exception of specialty products like turkey bacon that seek to imitate traditional pork bacon, real bacon is made from pork. Any of these cuts of meat could be sold fresh from the pig simply as pork belly, loin or sides to be cooked or as uncured bacon for people to cure with their own recipe and method.

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When was microwavable plastic invented?

In the mid-1950s, Swanson® TV Dinners capitalized on two post-war trends: the popularity of time-saving devices and fascination with the television (more than 10 million TV dinners were sold during the first year of national distribution). The aluminum trays were replaced with plastic, microwavable trays in 1986.

What is microwavable plastic?

Type 5 polypropylene is most often labeled “microwave safe.” This plastic is sturdy and heat resilient, and it stays clear even when exposed to tomato sauce. After being microwaved, the plastic feels cool.

What is microwave plastic?

There is no single type of plastic and the word plastic can refer to many different materials, some of which are deemed microwave-safe, meaning they will not warp in the microwave when heated. Every plastic product intended to be used for food in the U.S. must meet the Food and Drug Administration’s regulations.

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