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FAQ: Why is it called newel post?

Originally, a newel was the central post of a winding or circular stairway. If such a stairway has no central post, it is said to be of hollow-newel construction. In Gothic architecture a post used to support a vaulted-arch roof was sometimes called a newel.

Where did newel post get its name?

newel (n.) Klein’s sources suggest the French word may be from Gallo-Roman *nucale, from Latin nux “nut.” The carpentry meaning “tall and more or less ornamental post at the top or bottom of a staircase” is from 1833 (newel-post in this sense is from 1798).

What is the difference between a baluster and a newel?

is that baluster is (architecture) a short column used in a group to support a rail, as commonly found on the side of a stairway; a banister while newel is (architecture) a sturdy pillar at the top or bottom of a flight of stairs, supporting the handrail.

What is a post to post newel?

Newel posts are used at the top and bottom of stairways and level runs to support the handrail. Post to post newels are used when the handrail runs between the newel posts. Each newel is available in 14 standard and custom wood species, with additional species available for quoting.

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What is a newel post on stairs?

A newel post is the structural post that fits at the top and bottom of the staircase and supports the handrail.

What is the meaning of newel?

1: an upright post about which the steps of a circular staircase wind. 2: a post at the foot of a straight stairway or one at a landing.

Is a baluster the same as a balustrade?

A balustrade basically combines the functions of the handrail with the decorative element of the repetitive balusters. Like balusters, balustrades can be used indoors or outdoors, for staircases and balconies, as well as decorative structures. They can be made of almost any type of material, including wood or glass.

What’s the difference between a banister and a baluster?

The word “banister” comes from the word baluster, which is really a pomegranate flower! Nowadays, baluster mean any brace between the handrail and footrail (or string) of a railing system. So, the banister is really the spindle. In general, the handrail, footrail, and balusters all components of a balustrade.

What is the difference between baluster and balustrade?

The term baluster is interchangeable with the word spindle. A balustrade is comprised of an assembled top rail, balusters or spindles and often a bottom rail, posts, post caps, and decorative finials. It is a composite made up of individual parts, such as the balusters and a railing/handrail.

What is the purpose of a newel post?

newel, also called Newel-post, upright post rising at the foot of a stairway, at its landings, or at its top. These posts usually serve as anchors for handrails.

What is a post to post handrail?

The second type of balustrade system, post-to-post, is one in which the handrail terminates into the top block of each post. Systems using Box Newel Posts are always post-to-post while you have the option of either railing system when using turned newel posts; you simply need the right turned newel post for the job.

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Do you need a newel post?

Newels are the anchor of a stairway. A newel post serves as a support pole that helps bear the weight of the rest of the stairway. So for every change in direction on the stairway, whether it’s a transition to a level landing or a 90º turn, you will need a newel to complete that turn.

Are newel posts structural?

A newel post is the structural upright post that fits at the beginning and the end of a staircase and supports the handrail of a stair banister. The most important job of a newel post is to provide structural support, but that does not mean that they can’t be used to enhance the look and feel of your stairs.

Why are newel posts so expensive?

The final feature that causes differences in price are the materials which box newel posts are made from. These may be large pieces of solid wood reducing the number of joints; smaller pieces assembled to make the sides, and finally veneered plywood, or other manufactured wood such as MDF or particle board.

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