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FAQ: Who makes Allura siding?

Allura was originally made by CertainTeed under another name. That explains the marketing strategy behind it. Rather than come in at a lower cost to compete with HardiePlank, Allura is marketed as premium building material that is worth paying more for. Allura’s 50-year warranty vs.

Who manufactures Allura siding?

Allura is part of Elementia, an international company which produces building materials for the construction sector through cement, building systems and metals divisions in nine countries throughout the Americas. To learn more about Allura’s fiber cement products, go to

Is Allura as good as Hardie?

Both Allura and James Hardie are quality products that can add years of durability and beauty to your home while raising its value. Allura has several more options for shingles and for prefinished plank siding, while James Hardie has the option of a thicker siding plank as well as their standard 5/16-inch.

Where is Allura siding manufactured?

Our products, manufactured in North Carolina, Indiana and Oregon are specially formulated for high performance, look like natural wood but are fire, bug, moisture, impact and fade resistant with the strength and durability.

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How long does Allura last?

The finish on Allura’s pre-painted siding is also guaranteed for 15 years, up to 3 times longer than you can expect a typical on-site paint job to last. And that’s in addition to the 50-year warranty that you also get on the actual fiber cement panels.

Who bought CertainTeed fiber cement siding?

The CertainTeed fiber cement siding plants in Roaring River and two other locations have been sold to Plycem USA Inc., a subsidiary of Mexico-based Elementia.

Does CertainTeed make fiber cement siding?

WeatherBoards Fiber Cement exterior siding products are manufactured by CertainTeed Corp. An alternative to vinyl or wood siding, fiber cement siding is known for its durability and strength, as well as its resistance to fire, termites and rot.

What is better than hardiplank?

One of the biggest reasons many builders and homeowners choose LP over Hardie Plank siding is the significant cost difference. Across the US, Smartside is about 25-35% cheaper than Hardie. This difference amounts to thousands of dollars! LP is cheaper because both the materials and labor cost less than James Hardie.

Is James Hardie siding worth it?

James Hardie siding is a great, environmentally friendly choice for overall curb appeal and home value. It will give your home a new look and feel to it. It is an attractive choice with guaranteed durability and quality. It provides an amazing return on investment.

How much does nichiha siding cost?

Nichiha siding prices range from $5.50 to $9.50 per square foot installed. This price includes the panels, painting, all additional project materials and the cost of installation.

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What is Boral siding?

TruExterior is an entirely new category of siding that perfectly matches the look of wood siding, but without the maintenance, drawbacks, and associated upkeep that commonly plagues real wood. Available Sizes: Features & Benefits: -Craftsman profiles that match the look of real wood siding.

How do you cut an Allura backer board?

Cutting methods include: Score and Snap —Score the face deeply (with a carbide tipped scoring tool) and snap upward against a straight edge. (For small holes, score the perimeter of the opening desired and knock out with a hammer.) Shears—Use electric or pneumatic shears made for fiber cement material.

Is Cemplank primed?

Cemplank lap siding comes primed and ready for you to paint in the color of your choice to enhance the beauty of your home.

How old is Allura in human?

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What happened to Allura?

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Is Allura alive?

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