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FAQ: What is the difference between Wave and Easy Wave petunias?

Easy Wave petunias have larger flowers than Shock Wave petunias, reaching up to 3 inches across. According to Ball Seed, Easy Wave offers the widest color palette of the Wave petunias. The different-colored plants flower at the same time, so making custom color mixes is easy.

Are there different types of wave petunias?

According to the Ball Company, the Wave petunia family now comes in five different series, and dozens of colors. The series now includes the Wave, Tidal Wave, Easy Wave, Double Wave and Shock Wave series in easy-to-spot Pink Pots at your local garden center or home store.

What Are Easy Wave petunias?

Easy Wave is THE high-performance petunia, producing masses of bright color for containers and landscapes. With a spread of up to 36 inches, Easy Wave can quickly cover a large area in the garden or graciously cascade from baskets and containers.

What is special about Wave petunias?

Wave petunia plants have a spreading growth habit, with the ability to fill flower beds with their blooms that sprout all along their stems, which can reach up to 4 feet (1 m.). Wave petunia plants are so versatile they can accent almost any part of your landscaping design.

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What petunias dont need deadheading?

Unlike standard petunias that require regular deadheading to keep them blooming prolifically throughout the season, Wave petunias require no deadheading. As the flowers wilt and dry up, they fall naturally from the plant, and new blooms soon takes their place.

Are Wave petunias and Supertunias the same?

Wave petunias are known for their ability to blanket the garden in color and are often used as ground covers or as borders. Supertunias, on the other hand, are better suited for hanging baskets or container gardens as their long vines reach a length of 3 feet or more.

Can I plant Wave petunias in the ground?

Wave petunias come in several varieties: trailing, mounding, and spreading types. They are good for containers and hanging baskets and will do fine planted directly in the ground. The trailing types will spread 2 to 3 feet. Wave petunias prefer a full sun location.

Do Easy Wave petunias cascade?

Just as all Wave petunias are not cascading, all cascading petunias are not found in the Wave series.

How far apart should I plant Wave petunias?

Wave Petunias grow according to how you space them. If you space them 12 inches apart, they will form a dense, mounded hedge. However, if you space them about 18 inches apart, they will perform as large mounded bedding plants.

Are Easy Wave petunias perennials?

Petunia ‘Easy Wave White’ is a mound forming, spreading annual or perennial boasting masses of pure white flowers from late spring to the first frosts. Extremely easy to grow, Petunias thrive in full sun to part shade in moderately fertile, humus-rich, moist, well-drained soil.

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Can Wave petunias go in hanging baskets?

Overall, Wave petunias are great annuals to include in your hanging basket. Their cascading flowers and spreading make them stand out on your front porch or someplace sunny on your property.

Are Wave petunias good in planters?

Wave petunias are a perfect choice to add showy color to pots, planters and hanging baskets. And, they work incredibly well when directly planted into flowerbeds too. Unlike traditional petunias, they don’t even require deadheading spent blooms to keep producing more.

How do I keep my Wave petunias from getting leggy?

Have you ever asked yourself, “How do I make my petunias fuller?” Preventing leggy petunias requires that you cut back the branches by one quarter or one half on a regular basis. This may be hard to do, as your petunia plant may be in full bloom when you do this. You can cut back all the branches at once.

What is the best trailing petunia?

Petunia fanfare Hot Rose is a wonderful trailing variety with almost fuchsia pink flowers. Petunia fanfare Hot Rose has a naturally compact habit, with almost fuchsia pink flowers, making them a wonderful basket hanging plant, also great for containers.

Does Walmart have Wave petunias?

Petunia – Wave Series Flower Garden Seed – 100 Pelleted Seeds – Pink Blossom – Annual Flowers – Wave Petunia Seeds – Spreading Petunias –

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