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FAQ: What does the description of the Franklin’s Tale tell about his personality?

The white-bearded Franklin is a wealthy gentleman farmer, possessed of lands but not of noble birth. His chief attribute is his preoccupation with food, which is so plenteous in his house that his house seemed to snow meat and drink (344–345).

What is Franklin personality in Canterbury Tales?

The Franklin is generally a kind gentlemen, and he gives food out to guests that listen to his stories. He strongly believes in Epicurus, whom taught that “the way to perfect happiness was through pleasure.” He was very likeable, with a red face and white beard.

What is the interpretation of the Franklin’s Tale?

‘The Franklin’s Tale’ demonstrates that marriage should be a partnership in love. Husband and wife should work together to build a happy married life. The Franklin challenges the other pilgrims’ assumption that marriage and love cannot coexist.

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What is the moral of The Franklin’s Tale?

“The Franklin’s Tale” in “The Canterbury Tales” is a fable. Its theme is a moral: Never make a promise you do not intend to keep. While Chaucer’s “The Canterbury Tales” reads like a series of fables, the entire work remains timeless because of the connection it makes with its readers.

What is the plot of The Franklin’s Tale?

Franklin tells us the story of a knight, Arviragus, who wins the love of a young lady, Dorigen, by promising her his services forever. She agrees and, in return of his promise, promises him to not cause any grief ever. They live happily in a castle for a year by the sea.

What did a Franklin do?

One of the foremost of the Founding Fathers, Franklin helped draft the Declaration of Independence and was one of its signers, represented the United States in France during the American Revolution, and was a delegate to the Constitutional Convention.

What is a Franklin in medieval times?

In the Middle English period, a franklin was simply a freeman; that is, a man who was not a serf. In the feudal system under which people were tied to land which they did not own, serfs were in bondage to a member of the nobility who owned that land.

What is the Franklin trying to teach the reader about love and patience in the story he tells?

The Franklin strives for something in between the complete sovereignty advocated by the Wife of Bath and the patience suggested by the Clerk. The chief virtue of The Franklin’s Tale is the noble spirit that pervades it and the idea that love, patience, and forbearance are the essence of love and marriage.

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What is the moral of the Second Nun’s Tale?

“The Second Nun’s Tale” portrays Cecilia’s ability to make converts as the most important aspect of her holiness. “The Second Nun’s Tale” implies that true vision is possible only when one becomes free of sin.

What is the meaning behind the names of the main characters in the merchant’s tale?

The naming of the characters in this Tale is riddled with satirical nomenclature: Januarie, the main character, is named in conjunction with his equally seasonal wife May, representing their individual characters: Januarie is “hoor and oolde”, sharing the bare and unfruitful characteristics of his title month, whereas

What genre is The Franklin’s Tale?

The main characters of the Franklin’s tale are Dorigen, her husband Arveragus, her suitor Aurelius, and an unnamed magician.

What genre is the Manciple’s tale?

The Manciple’s Tale in some ways falls into the genre of fabliau, which is a short, comic story told in poetry rather than prose, and usually about some indecent subject matter.

Where does The Franklin’s Tale take place?

The Franklin’s Tale takes place in Brittany, a northwest coastal province of present-day France. The tale’s first line cites “Britayne” by name, setting it as the scene for Chaucer’s adaptation of Boccaccio’s Il Filocolo.

Who is the most free Franklin’s Tale?

So when, at the end of the Franklin’s tale, the narrator asks his audience to evaluate which of the protagonists is most ‘free’, the question has wide implications. One answer is Dorigen, because she is of the highest social status.

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Who is the narrator of The Franklin’s Tale?

“The Franklin’s Tale” (Middle English: “The Frankeleyns Tale”) is a short story in verse from The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. The story’s narrator is a wealthy landowner.

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