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FAQ: What does being vindicated mean?

1 : to free from blame or guilt The evidence will vindicate her. 2 : to show to be true or correct Later discoveries vindicated their claim.

What is the full meaning of vindicated?

verb (used with object), vin·di·cat·ed, vin·di·cat·ing. to clear, as from an accusation, imputation, suspicion, or the like: to vindicate someone’s honor. to afford justification for; justify: Subsequent events vindicated his policy. to uphold or justify by argument or evidence: to vindicate a claim.

What is an example of vindication?

Vindication is the feeling that someone’s opinion or belief was justified. An example of vindication is appreciation given to a mother for her strict discipline after her children are older.

What does vindicated mean in politics?

: an act of vindicating: the state of being vindicated specifically: justification against denial or censure: defense.

Does vindication mean revenge?

Vindication is synonymous with vengeance, but usually it has the sense of “confirm,” “defend,” or “justify,” or “free from blame”; one who has been accused, then exonerated, is vindicated, and one who performs the vindication is a vindicator.

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What does it mean to be vindicated by God?

“Jesus was “vindicated by the Spirit” in the days of His earthly ministry. This meant He got His approval through the Holy Spirit from the Father alone—not from people’s approval. This means that those who believed in Jesus had been drawn to Him by the Spirit.

What is a vindicated person?

To be vindicated is to be proven correct or cleared of blame.

How do you use vindication in a sentence?

Vindication in a Sentence

  1. The man felt personal vindication after police admitted he was not a suspect.
  2. After years of false imprisonment, the prisoner looked for vindication and repayment through the court.
  3. The woman’s vindication finally happened after years of trying to prove that she did not kill her husband.

How do you use vindicate in a sentence?

Examples of vindicate in a Sentence She will be completely vindicated by the evidence. These discoveries vindicate their theory. Their approach to the problem has been vindicated by the positive results. He felt vindicated when the truth became known.

What are synonyms for vindication?

synonyms for vindication

  • exoneration.
  • proof.
  • revenge.
  • acquittal.
  • apology.
  • clearance.
  • defense.
  • exculpation.

What is exculpation mean?

exculpate, absolve, exonerate, acquit, vindicate mean to free from a charge. exculpate implies a clearing from blame or fault often in a matter of small importance.

What does Scurillous mean?

The definition of scurrilous is something that is very abusive, or is scandalous and potentially harmful rumors spread to ruin someone’s reputation. (of language) Coarse, vulgar, abusive, or slanderous.

What does the word vinification mean?

: the conversion of fruit juices (such as grape juice) into wine by fermentation.

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What’s the difference between vengeance and vindication?

As verbs the difference between vindicate and revenge is that vindicate is to clear from an accusation, suspicion or criticism while revenge is (reflexive) to take one’s revenge (on” or ”upon ) someone.

What does a Vindicator mean?

: a person or thing that vindicates something or someone They saw George, who had served with distinction against France in the War of the Spanish Succession, as a British warrior king, the vindicator of European Protestantism, and thus the defender of the balance of power.—

What does self vindication mean?

To clear someone or oneself of some guilt, accusation, blame, suspicion, etc.; to affirm or uphold someone’s or one’s own innocence or justification regarding something.

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