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FAQ: What are ICS forms?

In September 2010, FEMA updated the Incident Command System (ICS) Forms. These forms are intended for use as tools for the creation of the Incident Action Plans (IAPs) and for support and documentation of ICS activities, and for other incident management activities.

What does a ICS do?

ICS is the model tool for command, control, and coordination of a response and provides a means to coordinate the efforts of individual agencies as they work toward the common goal of stabilizing the incident and protecting life, property, and the environment.

What are the ICS positions?

Three staff positions are typically identified in ICS: Public Information Officer, Safety Officer, and Liaison Officer.

What is an ICS report?

The Activity Log (ICS 214) records details of notable activities at any ICS level, including single resources, equipment, Task Forces, etc. These logs provide basic incident activity documentation, and a reference for any after- action report.

What ICS 201?

Incident Briefing ICS Form 201: Provides the Incident Commander (and the Command and General Staffs) with basic information regarding the incident situation and the resources allocated to the incident. In addition to a briefing document, the ICS Form 201 also serves as an initial action worksheet.

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What are the five major organizational functions of ICS?

All response assets are organized into five functional areas: Command, Operations, Planning, Logistics, and Administration/Finance. Figure 1-3 highlights the five functional areas of ICS and their primary responsibilities.

What is the role of the operations section chief?

The Operations Section Chief is responsible for managing all tactical operations at an incident. The Incident Action Plan (IAP) provides the necessary guidance.

What are the four General Staff ICS positions?

The General Staff consists of the Operations Section Chief, Planning Section Chief, Logistics Section Chief, and Finance/Administration Section Chief.

Which position is always staffed in ICS applications?

The Incident Commander is the only position that is always staffed in ICS applications. On small incidents and events, one person-the Incident Commander-may accomplish all management functions.

Which positions make up the command staff?

Command Staff: The Command Staff consists of the Public Information Officer, Safety Officer, and Liaison Officer. They report directly to the Incident Commander.

What is the difference between NIMS and ICS?

Under NIMS, the State Operational Center (SOC) organizational structure reflects basic Incident Command System (ICS) functions. However, ICS is a field-based tactical communications system, whereas NIMS provides a system for managing the event at the local, operational area, region and state levels.

Who prepares the ICS Form 201?

Preparation: The Incident Radio Communications Plan is prepared by the Communications Unit Leader and given to the Planning Section Chief. Detailed instructions on preparing this form may be found in ICS 223-5, Communications Unit Position Manual.

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Who is responsible for preplanning?

Funeral pre-planning is the responsible thing to do. It removes the burden from family members. You can make complex decisions ahead of time when you have the time to think things through.

Is ICS Form 201 suitable for use as an initial incident action plan?

ics form 201 is not suitable for use as an initial incident action plan (iap).

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