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FAQ: How old is Bob the Builder show?

Bob the Builder was launched in 1999 as a stop frame animation, which ran for 209 episodes during series 1-16. A CGI version was launched in 2010, producing 40 episodes across two series.

Does Bob the Builder have a kid?

Pre-original series years Robert was a builder when Bob and Tom were still children. At that time he lived with his wife Dorothy and children in Bobsville, where his fifteen-year-old son Bob later helped him build and equip a house with a yard, which was later known as Bob’s Yard.

Who is Bob the Builders wife?

Wendy is the deuteragonist, Bob’s business partner and love interest who runs the office and keeps the business in order, and often organizes tools and equipment. She is also seen doing construction work in many episodes.

Is Bob the Builder dead?

American voice actor William Dufris, who voiced iconic kids’ character Bob the Builder in the U.S. and Canadian versions of the popular series for its first nine seasons, has died of cancer at age 62. Pocket Universe Productions, which Dufris co-founded, confirmed the news on Twitter.

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How tall is Bob the Builder?

At a diminutive 215 mm, with a figure verging on the rotund and a penchant for lurid checked shirts, Bob the Builder is not everyone’s idea of a television hero. But if Handy Andy can do it, anyone can.

What is Bob the Builder middle name?

Robert “Bob” Jr. (known to his friends as Bob the Builder) is the main protagonist, titular character and a general contractor with being head of his own construction yard along with his close colleague Wendy. He is based in Bobsville, Sunflower Valley or Fixham Harbour depending on the series.

Is Bob the Builder Nickelodeon?

In the United States, Bob the Builder originally aired on Nick Jr. from 2001 to 2004. In 2005, the broadcast rights to the series were given to PBS Kids where it continued to air the remaining episodes of the original series and other series relating to Bob the Builder for Season 7 until Season 2 of the 2015 series.

Why does Bob the Builder look different?

The new series claims to retain ” the emotional warmth that has always given Bob the Builder a firm place in the hearts of young viewers”. Viewers will see a big difference on screen as the characters will be computer-generated for the new series rather than created using stop-motion animation.

Did Bob the Builder always have a British accent?

And Bob the Builder, who previously had a Midlands accent supplied by Neil Morrissey, is now voiced by Burnley-born Lee Ingleby in an updated version which airs on Tuesday. But even if young viewers do cotton on to the switch to East Lancs, Bob will keep the “can we fix it” catchphrase he has used since 1999.

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Is Bob the Builder on Netflix?

All three seasons of the 2015 series of Bob the Builder is also on Netflix but only in Australia while Amazon Prime Video US and Paramount+ streamed the 2015 series of Bob the Builder in the US.

Who are Bob the Builders friends?

Meet Bob the Builder and His Friends

  • Bob the Builder.
  • Wendy, Bob’s Partner.
  • Scoop the yellow Digger.
  • Muck the Dump Truck.
  • Dizzy the cement mixer.
  • Roley the steamroller.
  • Lofty the mobile crane.
  • Pilchard the cat.

Who was Bob the Builders helper?

Leo. Leo is Bob and Wendy’s good-hearted apprentice who is eager to learn the tools of the trade. Easily distracted, Leo can sometimes cause the best plans to come clattering down. But when he learns to slow down and concentrate, Leo shows the builder he will develop into.

Is muck from Bob the Builder a girl?

In the UK original, Muck is male and uses “he/him/his” pronouns but in the US dub, Muck is female and uses “she/her” pronouns.

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