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FAQ: How do you get a wet mount?

The doctor’s office or clinic sends the sample of vaginal discharge to a lab for testing. At the lab, the sample is mixed with a saline solution and placed on a slide. This is the wet mount. The sample is then examined under a microscope to check for evidence of an infection.

What causes wet mount?

What is a wet mount? Vaginitis, also known as vulvovaginitis, is not one specific condition. The term encompasses a variety of disorders that cause infection or inflammation of the vagina or vulva. The causes of vaginitis can include bacteria, viruses, or yeast infections.

Does a wet mount test for STDs?

Wet mounts are not used to diagnose most common STDs such as chlamydia and gonorrhea. However, these vaginal smears can give your healthcare provider important insights about your reproductive health.

How long does a wet mount take?

A vaginal wet mount (sometimes called a vaginal smear) is a test to find the cause of vaginitis, or inflammation of the vagina and the area around the vagina (vulva). Your doctor may talk to you about the results after the test. If the sample needs to be looked at by a lab, the results may be ready in 1 to 2 days.

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How do I get a wet prep?

To prepare a wet prep, use one of the two following methods.

  1. Place the sample in 1 ml of saline and agitate to mix. Take a drop of this mixture and place it on a slide.
  2. Place a drop of saline on a slide and add a small amount of the discharge.

Is bacterial vaginosis an STD?

BV isn’t considered a sexually transmitted disease (STD). But the chances of getting it seem to go up with the number of sexual partners a woman has.

Can STDs be seen under a microscope?

Discharge, tissue, cell or oral fluid sample – Your provider will use a swab to collect samples that will be looked at under a microscope. These samples can test for certain STDs, like chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, or HIV.

What does a wet mount show?

A vaginal wet mount test, or vaginal smear, is a gynecological exam. The doctor takes a sample of discharge and sends it for testing. Results can show whether a person has vaginitis, which is a term for a range of infections and other issues.

Can gonorrhea be seen under a microscope?

Gonorrhea can be quickly detected by looking at a sample of discharge or tissue under the microscope. This is called a gram stain. This method is fast, but it is not the most certain. Gonorrhea is most accurately detected with DNA tests.

How long do BV test results take?

How long will test results for bacterial vaginosis take? Test results may take anywhere from one to three days, depending on whether your healthcare provider’s office is able to examine samples on site or if they must be sent off to a lab.

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How do you do a wet mount for trichomoniasis?

Wet mount microscopy is not an effective test for the diagnosis of trichomoniasis in men. Saline wet mount evaluation is performed by placing a small amount of vaginal discharge on a microscope slide and mixing with a few drops of saline solution. The slide is then examined under a microscope at low or medium power.

Does Trich smell like BV?

Trichomoniasis most often presents as a yellowish- green vaginal discharge with a strong odor. Itching and soreness of the vagina and vulva are common. Some women experience vague abdominal pain. Trichomoniasis can occur with other infections, particularly pelvic inflammatory disease and bacterial vaginosis.

Is a wet prep the same as a Pap smear?

It’s not the same as a Pap test, which is a regularly scheduled exam that looks for cancerous or precancerous cells in the cervix. But you could have a vaginal wet mount and a Pap smear at the same appointment.

Can you do a wet prep on a male?

Healthcare providers often diagnose trich in women by putting a sample of vaginal fluid or discharge on a slide (called a “wet preparation”) and viewing the parasite under a microscope. This test is not always reliable. A culture test is another method to detect trich, and can be used with males and females.

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