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FAQ: Can you put artificial grass on patio?

Artificial turf can be used on patios and porches as either a solid cover, or formed into a design that can be used in conjunction with pavers, marble tile or other landscaping materials.

Can you lay artificial grass on patio?

Typically, artificial grass is installed to replace an existing garden lawn. But it’s also great for transforming old, tired concrete patios and paths. Artificial grass can be installed on top of plain old concrete, block paving and even patio paving slabs.

Do you need underlay for artificial grass on concrete?

We recommend that customers always install underlay when laying artificial grass on concrete. If children are going to be using the area, or you are going to play sports on it, underlay is a must. If you are not planning on using it much then you may get away without it if the surface is level enough.

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Can I put artificial grass on my balcony?

Artificial grass is ideal for balconies and outdoor spaces; it is lightweight and has the capability to drain away heavy rainfall in a very short amount of time when used alongside our 18mm Lawnflex underlay.

Can you place artificial grass on concrete?

Artificial turf can be installed over almost any surface, even concrete. It also gives them a higher level of traction in some cases, than working out on bare concrete. Playing On Concrete. Artificial grass on concrete is an excellent option for play areas, patios and any other areas where children play.

How do you lay artificial grass on uneven slabs?

If there are any uneven areas, spreading a thin layer of sand or other self-levelling compound will help to fill them in. Always do this on a dry day. If there are gaps larger than 25mm between each slab, this may lead to sagging once the fake grass is laid. The solution is to fill them with quick drying cement.

What are the disadvantages of artificial grass?


  • Odor build-up. Like natural grass, if you don’t clean up messes on artificial turf, they will fester. Certain types of infill are prone to holding odors, too.
  • Toxic run-off concerns. People used to be concerned that water run-off from crumb rubber infill might be harmful to families, pets, or the environment.

How do you stick artificial turf to concrete?

Place adhesive/glue on the concretes surface approximately 4′ the entire length of section. Slowly roll section #1 down on the glued surface. Use a water roller and slowly roll the top of the synthetic turf over the glued area.

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Is it worth using underlay for artificial grass?

If you are installing artificial grass onto an existing surface, such as concrete, then we would highly recommend that you install a foam underlay. This is because it will mask any lumps or bumps in the existing surface that, without a foam underlay, would be visible through the finished artificial lawn.

Can dogs pee on artificial grass?

Yes, dogs can pee and poop on artificial grass — just like they would on natural grass. The good news is that you will not have to clean urine from your artificial grass. It drains away in the same way as rainwater. It is also recommended to hose down the poop-affected area to completely eliminate any residual mess.

How do you put grass on a patio?

Steps to Growing a Lawn on a Balcony

  1. Clean off the balcony. Remove any furniture or items that are placed out on the balcony.
  2. Spread a thin layer of gravel.
  3. Apply top soil on top of the gravel.
  4. Add fertilizer to the soil.
  5. Sprinkle the grass seeds.
  6. Water the grass seeds.

Which artificial grass is best for balcony?

Best artificial grass carpets

  • Yellow Weaves™ high Density Artificial Grass Carpet Mat for Balcony, Lawn, Door (4 X 5 Feet)
  • YAZLYN COLLECTION High Density Artificial Grass Carpet for Balcony with 4 Layers Protection (6.5 X 4 ft)
  • CARPET PLANET Artificial Grass – High Density Grass – Use As Balcony Garden, Carpet, Door Mat.

How do you take care of artificial grass on a balcony?

Check out the seven tips below to keep your lawn looking good as new for years to come:

  1. Artificial Lawn Cleaning #1: Brush For Natural Look.
  2. Artificial Lawn Cleaning #2: Dust & Stain Removal.
  3. Artificial Lawn Cleaning #3: Keep It Odourless.
  4. Artificial Lawn Cleaning #4: Look Out For Weeds.
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What can artificial grass be laid on?

We can lay artificial grass onto most surfaces, regardless of whether your installation is a domestic garden or part of a corporate office. Turf, soil, concrete, tarmac, paving and decking are all areas you can lay artificial grass. If you have a balcony or roof terrace, artificial grass is also easily installed.

Is artificial turf cheaper than concrete?

Is turf or concrete more cost-effective? Artificial turf is often the more affordable landscaping option than concrete. Turf alone can typically range from $2-$8 per square foot, and installing a turf lawn can range $4-$20 per square foot including materials and labor.

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