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Do southwest bonus points count towards a list?

Purchased points and points earned from Rapid Rewards program enrollment, tier bonus points, flight bonus points, and partner points do not count toward A-List or A-List Preferred status.

Do southwest credit card bonus points count towards a-list?

This activity does not count toward A -List and A-List Preferred status: Purchased points. Transferred/gifted points. Points earned from program enrollment.

What counts toward a-list on Southwest?

To qualify for A-List status, you will need to fly 25 Southwest Airlines® one-way qualifying flights or earn 35,000 tier qualifying points per calendar year.

Do a-list bonus points count towards Companion Pass?

So unfortunately the answer is no — your A-List or A-List Preferred bonus points will not count toward the Companion Pass.

Does Rapid Rewards Shopping count towards a-list?

Rapid Rewards Shopping points do not count towards A-List. Most points do not. Tier Qualifying points are earned from revenue flights or through the Rapid Rewards Premier Card from Chase.

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Can you buy Southwest points to get a list?

From time to time, Southwest may offer a special promotion to purchase ‘tier qualifying points’ which count toward A-List status but are not redeemable. On the other hand, purchased ‘points’ do not count toward A-List, A-List Preferred or Companion Pass but they are redeemable.

What points count towards a list?

To qualify for A-List status you need to fly 25 qualifying one-way flights or earn 35,000 tier qualifying points. To earn A-List Preferred status you need to fly 50 qualifying one-way flights or earn 70,000 tier qualifying points.

Do transfer Southwest Points count towards Companion Pass?

Even though the points don’t count toward the Companion Pass, the points you transfer become twice as valuable once you have the Companion Pass, because you can bring a friend along for free. Remember, you cannot transfer hotel points to Southwest to earn the Companion Pass, either.

Is a-list worth it Southwest?

Is A-List status worth it? Elite status on Southwest provides few benefits outside of an accelerated check-in and boarding process. However, if you fly enough to qualify for the Companion Pass, then loyalty to Southwest may be worth it.

Can companion board with a-list?

Your companion cannot fly standby If you are an A-List or A-List Preferred member and have the Companion Pass, those A-List benefits do not carry over to the person flying for free with you. If you were to go standby on an earlier flight, your companion cannot also go standby. 4

Do Southwest A list have to check in?

A List puts you in the que to automatically reserve your boarding position 36 hours prior to flight time. You still have to “check in” to get your boarding pass.

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Did Southwest extend a list status?

Will you be extending A-List and A-List Preferred tier status? Back in April 2020, for Members who earned A-List or A-List Preferred status through December 31, 2020 (not through any type of promotion) we extended their status through December 31, 2021.

What is tier qualifying points Southwest?

Tier qualifying points are earned from revenue flights booked through Southwest Airlines® or through the use of the Rapid Rewards® Priority or Premier Credit Cards ( 1,500 tier qualifying points for every $10,000 in eligible net purchases on that card, up to 15,000 tier qualifying points per year).

Do referral points count towards Companion Pass?

Using Referral Bonuses to Earn a Companion Pass Faster The bonus points you earn through referrals also count toward earning a Southwest Companion Pass, one of the most sought-after benefits available to flyers.

Do Southwest points reset annually?

Do the points I earn expire? No, your Rapid Rewards points do not expire. However, if you choose to close your account, the points in your account will be terminated.

How are Southwest points calculated?

The number of points you earn for flying Southwest depends on the type of fare you choose. You will earn 12 points per dollar spent on “Business Select” fares, 10 points per dollar spent on “Anytime” fares and six points per dollar spent on “Wanna Get Away” fares.

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