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Why do we eat nian gao?

Nian gao, (Chinese: 年糕; pinyin: nián’gāo) Sticky (Rice) cake, Chinese new year’s cake. It is considered good luck to eat nian gao because it has the symbolism of increasing prosperity every year. Fresh bean curd / tofu is not included as it is white and unlucky for New Year as the colour signifies death and misfortune.

What does nian gao represent?

Nian gao, or ‘year cake’, is a sticky rice cake which represents prosperity; the words ‘nian gao’ sounds like ‘getting higher year on year’, and this symbolises raising oneself taller in each coming year.

Why do people eat rice cakes during the Spring Festival?

Why Eat Nian Gao The pronunciation of Nian Gao sounds like ‘year high’ (年高), which symbolizes a higher income, a higher position, the growth of children, and generally the promise of a better year. It is considered good luck to eat it during the Chinese New Year period.

Why do we eat tangyuan during Chinese New Year?

Sweet Rice Balls – Family Sweet Rice Balls, also known as Tang Yuan (汤圆 Tāngyuán) is a popular sweet dessert typically eaten on the 15th day after Chinese New Year. Tang Yuan represents family togetherness because of its Chinese pronunciation that resembles “togetherness” and “reunion”.

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Can you eat nian gao?

Nian gao, or glutinous rice cake, is often eaten fried or steamed. This Chinese delicacy is commonly eaten steamed or fried.

Is nian gao unhealthy?

Eating Nian Gao on Chinese New Year symbolises a desire for growth in the coming year. Fried Nian Gao is delicious, but save 115 calories and 11.8 grams of fat by enjoying steamed Nian Gao instead. A three-cookie portion contains: 60 calories.

How do you eat GAO?

Despite the paucity of ingredients, a nian gao evokes so many wonderful things: almonds, dates, and vanilla; caramel, toffee, and cream. You eat it hot, when it is at its chewy best, and its texture marvelous: tacky and soft, with brown sugary strings that pull from your mouth when you take a bite.

What do you put on nian gao?

The traditional nian gao is round with an auspicious decoration such as the character for prosperity (福) on its top. The character is often written in the traditional Chinese script.

Why do people in China prefer to eat jiaozi and nian gao during the Spring Festival?

Among the food most popular in the south of China is a rice pudding called Nian Gao; while in the north, the special food for Spring Festival is Jiao Zi (or dumpling). The shape of Jiao Zi resembles that of ancient gold and silver ingots or a crescent moon, and symbolizes the hope for a year of plenty.

Who invented nian gao?

The origins of nian gao date back to pre-Imperialist China (circa 480 BC), when the country was still fragmented into many warring states. Legend has it that a general by the name of Wu Zixu led the construction of the protective walls surrounding the Wu capital (modern-day Suzhou).

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What does tangyuan symbolize?

Tangyuan – Sweet Rice Balls It is a ball shape food made by glutinous rice flour. The shape and the pronunciation of tangyuan symbolize being together with your beloved one and family reunion. The lucky saying of eating tangyuan is团团圆圆 (Tuántuán yuányuán/ ‘group-group round-round’): Happy (family) reunion!

What does rice dumpling symbolize?

Glutinous Rice Dumpling also called “Tang Yuan” 汤圆. Tang Yuan is eaten because it represents togetherness of the family, particularly during the making process when the whole family will help out. Tang Yuan also symbolises completeness.

How do you eat tangyuan?

Tang Yuan usually is served warm with syrup like Osmanthus syrup, sugar or fermented glutinous rice wine (酒酿). In some parts of China, people love to eat meat dumplings with a savory soup base. You need to scoop one up and gently take one bite and say hello to the lovely filling.

Is nian gao vegetarian?

Chinese Sticky Rice Cake / Nian Gao ( Vegan ) An easy vegan baked version of the traditional Chinese dessert. Soft, chewy and irresistibly delicious dipped in coconut sugar and roasted soybean powder.

How do you eat a CNY cake?

3) You can eat the rice cake right away. Just remember that it’s very sticky and gooey when hot. I think the best way to enjoy this Sweet Rice Cake is wait for it to cool, slice it, and then pan fry both sides with a bit of vegetable oil over medium heat. 4) You can refrigerate or freeze Sweet Rice Cakes.

What is Nian afraid of?

The weaknesses of the nian are purported to be a sensitivity to loud noises, fire, and a fear of the color red. Since it was discovered that the beast was afraid of the color red, people would put red lanterns and spring scrolls on their windows and doors.

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