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What situation is presented in Richard Cory?

In four brisk stanzas, “Richard Cory” tells the story of a wealthy man who often strolls the streets of a poverty-stricken town whose residents all envy his seeming glory. Yet the poem’s final line reveals that, despite seeming to have everything he could want, Cory kills himself.

What does Richard Cory symbolize?

Richard Cory is revered like a king. Richard Cory is not a king, but he essentially symbolizes that role to the people of the town. It’s why the narrator uses so many kingly and royal words to describe Richard Cory. Words like “crown,” “imperially,” “glittered,” and “king” are all used to describe Richard Cory.

How was Richard Cory portrayed in the poem?

Richard Cory is depicted as a wealthy, classy man, who is relatively humble and kind. Richard Cory is portrayed as being a “gentleman from sole to crown” and “quietly arrayed,” which indicates that

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What is the conflict in Richard Cory?

It is a tale of internal conflict and dissatisfaction experienced by a man who everybody admired. The persona describes him using finest terms such as ‘gentleman’ to denote of how people of the lower and middle social class viewed him.

What is the best message from the poem Richard Cory?

The main theme of Arlington’s ”Richard Cory” is that riches and high social status do not ensure happiness.

What is the theme of the story Richard Cory?

The central idea, or theme, of “Richard Cory” is that wealth and status don’t ensure happiness.

What is the meaning of glittered when he walked?

Another word used this way is “glittered.” Robinson wrote, “But still he fluttered pulses when he said, “Good morning,” and he glittered when he walked.” Denotatively glittered means sparkling or glistening light. Connotatively glittered signifies Richard’s jewelry he may have worn as he walked.

What problem in the society was depicted in poem Richard Cory?

The poem “Richard Cory” depicts the social problem of class inequality, with the wealthy, high-class Richard Cory contrasted against his lower-class contemporaries. At the same time, the poem also expresses the degree to which public personas do not truly reflect the realities of people’s lives.

How is Richard Cory’s physical appearance described?

In the Edward Arlington Robinson poem “Richard Cory” the tone of the narrator changes during the course of the poem. In the first stanza, the tone is admiring as he describes the physical appearance of Richard Cory. He was a gentleman from sole to crown, Clean favored, and imperially slim.

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How does narrator feel about Richard Cory?

Richard Cory, according to the narrator, would walk to the heart of the town. He was impeccably dressed and was courtly in his manners. An unusual aspect about this man was that he spoke to the people in a fashion that made the narrator feel that Cory was “human” when he talked.

What is the persona in the poem Richard Cory?

The speaker in Richard Cory represents the biased, disgruntled observers of Richard Cory’s life. It is a plural persona, seen in the use of the word “we,” probably a townsperson speaking on the behalf of the community.

Why did Richard Cory suicide?

Richard Cory committed suicide because, despite all the things he had, his life was empty. The poet’s message in the poem is that the traditionally sought-after objectives in life – social stature, money, and material comfort – are not enough to make life meaningful. Richard Cory appeared to have it all.

How is imagery used in Richard Cory?

Imagery is the primary literary element throughout the poem used to paint Richard as a man of exquisite taste that is envied by the townspeople. The envy of the townspeople is noted in the last stanza of the poem with the lines “so on we worked and waited for the light, and went without the meat, and cursed the bread”.

Why does the poet describe Richard Cory As always human?

Richard is “always human” because he does not act superior to others and casually addresses the working-class citizens as he walks past them. Despite Richard Cory’s advantages in life, the audience feels sorry for him because he was a compassionate man, who suffered from alienation and loneliness.

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What is the tone of Richard Cory poem?

For most of “Richard Cory” the tone is one of admiration and respect. The eponymous gentleman is presented to us as someone that everyone in town instinctively looks up to. A handsome, well-dressed man, he is the very epitome of class and sophistication as he walks along the street, glittering as he goes.

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