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What is a light cover called?

lampshade. noun. a cover fixed over a light to make it less bright.

What is the canopy of a light fixture?

A canopy is the part of the light fixture that attaches to the ceiling or wall and covers the electrical junction box.

What are the parts of a light fitting called?

Light Fixture (Luminaire) Components

  • Wiring. Electrical wiring, which provides power to the luminaire.
  • Junction Box. The junction box provides a location to connect the wiring that comes from the power source with the internal wiring for the light fixture.
  • Lamp Holder.
  • Lamp.
  • Reflector.
  • Lens.
  • Trim.

What can I use to cover a light fixture?

If you are not going to replace your old light fixture, cover the hole with a piece of drywall for a permanent fix. Use the same thickness of drywall as the surrounding ceiling, and cut the patch piece as close to the size of the hole as possible.

What does light canopy mean?

A modern lighting canopy is a round metal plate that covers the junction box in the ceiling for a single pendant. Each pendant light comes standard with a 5” domed Black canopy, mounting plate, and screws, which will cover any standard sized opening.

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What is canopy size in lighting?

A chandelier canopy is the cone-shaped cover that hides the wiring and the junction box in the ceiling onto which the chandelier is mounted. A canopy only needs to be as wide as necessary to cover the hole in the drywall, so installing a canopy larger than the hole is purely a matter of taste.

What is the top of a light fitting called?

The ‘cap’ or ‘base’ provides an electrical connection to the lamp and ensures the lamp is held in the correct position. It is essential to know the cap type to identify the lamp.

What is the base of a light fixture called?

The most common type of light bulb here in the United States has what is referred to as a “Medium” base or “Standard” base. The word “base” is referring to the threaded part of the light bulb that screws into the socket. A Medium or Standard base light bulb is also referred to as an E26 base light bulb.

What is a light fixture flange?

Ceiling Frame Flange Kits are extruded aluminum frames that act as individual fixture T-Bar frames to support the weight of any G (grid) trim recessed fixture in drywall or plaster ceilings. The kits snap together without the use of tools.

How do you cover a ceiling light fixture?

Ceiling medallions are large decorative disks that sometimes adorn the ceiling around a fan or light fixture, and you can buy one that doesn’t have an opening for a fixture. You typically glue one of these to the drywall, so you can use it to cover a hole whether or not you remove the electrical box.

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How do you measure a light fixture canopy?

Measure the width of the junction box hole on the ceiling with a tape measure to determine the absolute minimum width required for the canopy. Measure the diameter of the chandelier at the widest point. Measure the height of the room from floor to ceiling mounted chandelier.

What is the glass cover on a light called?

At Lighting Connection, crystal refers to transparent glass of fine quality used to embellish chandeliers, wall sconces, pendants, and ceiling mounts.

What is the top of a chandelier called?


  • The canopy is a decorative ceiling mount, most often a dome or bell, for a hanging light.
  • An inverted shallow dish at the top of a chandelier from which festoons of beads are often suspended, lending a flourish to the top of the fitting.
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