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What does contrary to fact mean?

Definitions of contrary to fact. adjective. going counter to the facts (usually as a hypothesis) synonyms: counterfactual conditional. imposing or depending on or containing a condition.

What does contrary to the truth mean?

5 (Logic) (of a pair of propositions) related so that they cannot both be true at once, although they may both be false together.

What does contrary to reason?

Despite what definitely should be the case. Describes an occurrence that is unthinkable or unimaginable.

What does showing the contrary mean?

used to show that you think or feel the opposite of what has just been stated: “I thought you said the movie was exciting?” “On the contrary, I almost fell asleep half way through it! ” to the contrary.

How do you use contrary in a sentence?

Contrary-to sentence example

  1. Somehow it seemed contrary to his character – any of them.
  2. It tends on the contrary to be low on days of fog or rain.
  3. She wasn’t irresponsible, a blabbermouth or a liar – contrary to what both of them seemed to think.
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What does contrary to law mean?

This term means that it is unlawful or is in violation of a legal regulation or a legal statute.

What is the meaning of out of his mind?

phrase. If you say that someone is out of their mind, you mean that they are mad or very foolish. [informal, disapproval]

What is the definition of contrary to?

: in conflict with: despite contrary to orders, he set out alone.

Is it correct to say on the contrary?

You use “on the contrary” when you want to make a denial or contradiction more emphatic. You use it to show that you disagree with something; the statement that follows this phrase has the meaning opposite to something. You use “to the contrary” when you want to imply the opposite of something (without a denial).

What is an example of contrary?

The definition of contrary is someone or something that is opposite to something else or is unfavorable. An example of contrary is two people having very different opinions about something.

Can you start sentence with contrary?

On the contrary may serve as an opening phrase to a longer explanation, or it may stand on its own as an objection to a previous statement. Contrary means the opposite. The phrase on the contrary has been in use since at least 1400, though its original rendering is in the contrary.

How do you use on the contrary in the middle of a sentence?

1. It wasn’t a good thing; on the contrary it was a huge mistake. 2. You think you are clever; on the contrary, I assure that you are very foolish.

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