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Readers ask: What is push lock hose?

Push-lock hose fittings (aka push-lok, push-on, insta-grip and field attachable fittings) lets technicians attach connectors and fittings to hoses in the field for low-pressure hydraulic and pneumatic systems such as shop air, general industrial, maintenance and automotive assembly, to name a few.

What is a push-Lok hose?

Push-Lok hose, also called push-on hose, is used with field-attachable fittings for quick and easy ‘field’ assembly with no crimper required. It is commonly used on low pressure hydraulic and pneumatic systems and general industrial, maintenance, and automotive applications.

Do push lock fittings need special hose?

Premium Member. You really should use a “push lock” style hose and a hose clamp will weaken the connection. If you aren’t using a push lock hose, just use a regular hose barb and it will never fall off.

Are push-lock fittings reusable?

What’s more, Push-Lok fittings are reusable. Just replace the hose at the job site without any special tools or clamps. Helping you maintain a clean environment on the job is another important reason to use Parker’s Push-Lok system. Its unique seal ensures reliability and durability for clean-environment use.

What is a push-lock fitting?

Push-lock fittings are for use with soft rubber hose or Aeroquip “Socketless” hose. Hose and fittings are easy to install: they simply push on with some heat and lubricant, and “lock” in place. Hose clamps are required to ensure the hose does not back off at higher pressures.

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How do you remove a hose barb hose?

Soak the tubing in scalding hot water. If the tubing is in an area where the use of water isn’t possible, heat the hose with a hair dryer. Twist the tubing back and forth until it pulls off of the barbed fitting. The heat will help expand and soften the tubing until it can be pulled off the barbs.

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