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Readers ask: What is Pan connector?

Pan connectors, which are also known as toilet waste connectors, bridge the gap between the main toilet pan and the waste pipe.

What is a pan connector used for?

Toilet waste connectors, also known as a toilet pan connectors, are fitted into the back of the toilet pan and connected to the waste pipe toilet and are a crucial part of any bathroom system.

What is Pan connector in plumbing?

Fitted into the back of the toilet pan connecting the toilet to the soil pipe, also known as the waste pipe. Pan Connectors are an essential cog in our bathrooms’ plumbing system that ensures its smooth functioning. We stock many pan connectors catering to diverse undertakings in plumbing activities.

What is a 14 degree pan connector?

A 14 degree pan connector is used to connect a standard horizontal outlet WC Pan to a soil pipe connection at 14 degrees to the outlet, usually situated in the floor. It is also sometimes referred to as a bent pan connector.

Can you connect 2 pan connectors together?

Can I connect two WC pan connectors together? Yes, if you use the MKL1 Multilink. Simply attach the first connector to the pan then attach the Multilink so it covers all the fins and finally attach the second connector.

What is a flex connector?

The basic function of flexible connectors is to provide piping systems with the flexibility needed to absorb noise and vibration, compensate for thermal growth, or permit motion of other piping elements. CONTROLS VIBRATION – Normal mechanical equipment vibrations are reduced at the connector.

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What is an offset pan connector?

Offset pan connectors are used when the horizontal outlet of the pan is slightly off centre to the corresponding soil pipe connection. Want some advice on how to install your soil and waste system, or interested in finding out more about our product range, take a look at our guides & tips.

Can you cut flexible pan connector?

McAlpine flexible pan connectors can be shorten, also they are availble in several lengths.

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