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Readers ask: What are the 5 types of volcanoes?

Volcanoes are classified in 5 different types they are – Shield volcano,composite volcano,caldera,flood basalt provinces and mid-ocean ridge. This video explains the various volcanic processes and its characteristic traits. It also acts like a crash course for kids who are interested in volcanoes.

What are the 7 types of volcano?

What are the Different Types of Volcanoes?

  • Cinder Cone Volcanoes: These are the simplest type of volcano.
  • Composite Volcanoes: Composite volcanoes, or stratovolcanoes make up some of the world’s most memorable mountains: Mount Rainier, Mount Fuji, and Mount Cotopaxi, for example.
  • Shield Volcanoes:
  • Lava Domes:

What are 4 type of volcano?

Geologists usually group volcanoes into four main types: cinder cones, composite volcanoes, shield volcanoes, and lava domes.

What are the 6 types of volcanoes?

Volcanic eruptions may fall into six major types: Icelandic, Hawaiian, Strombolian, Vulcanian, Pelean, and Plinian.

What are the 3 main types of volcanoes?

Individual volcanoes vary in the volcanic materials they produce, and this affects the size, shape, and structure of the volcano. There are three types of volcanoes: cinder cones (also called spatter cones), composite volcanoes (also called stratovolcanoes), and shield volcanoes.

What are the 3 types of volcanoes and how are they different?

There are three main types of volcano – composite or strato, shield and dome. Composite volcanoes, sometimes known as strato volcanoes, are steep sided cones formed from layers of ash and [lava] flows. The eruptions from these volcanoes may be a pyroclastic flow rather than a flow of lava.

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How many types of volcanoes are there?

Strictly speaking there are two broad types of volcano, a stratovolcano and a shield volcano, although there are lots of different volcanic features that can form from erupted magma (such as cinder cones or lava domes) as well processes that shape volcanoes.

What are the various types of volcanoes?

Volcanoes are grouped into four types:

  • Cinder cones.
  • Composite volcanoes.
  • Shield volcanoes.
  • Lava volcanoes.

How many major types of volcanoes are there?

Geologists generally group volcanoes into four main kinds –cinder cones, composite volcanoes, shield volcanoes, and lava domes.

What are the four major types of volcanic eruption?

These are:

  • Submarine eruptions.
  • Hawaiian Eruptions.
  • Strombolian Eruptions.
  • Plinian Eruptions.
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