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Readers ask: How many floats are in the San Antonio River Parade?

The 10 floats will make two laps throughout the downtown area and stay grouped together (a Go Rio tour boat may get mixed in). We encourage you to enjoy the parade from a restaurant patio, and you may wish to combine watching the floats with dinner or drinks (reference the map for restaurants on the parade route).

How long is the San Antonio River Parade?

The annual Ford Holiday River Parade is a San Antonio tradition that offers a spectacular one-hour parade along the San Antonio River Walk featuring illuminated floats decorated for the 2021 theme. Parade participants include celebrities, bands and lavishly-costumed people.

Who is king Antonio 2021?

King Antonio XCVIII (2021) – Phillip Peacock Bakke A seventh-generation Texan, Phil and his family have a long tradition of service to their community, the Lone Star State and the military.

What is the name of the river parade that takes place during the Fiesta San Antonio?

There’s nothing quite like the Texas Cavaliers River Parade. Festive music fills the air and vibrant floats pass by as thousands watch from the banks of the San Antonio River.

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What is this year’s theme for the Texas Cavaliers parade?

The 2021 parade borrowed its theme — “20/20 Vision ” — from last year’s, when Fiesta was canceled completely because of the pandemic.

Who is Rey Feo for San Antonio?

Founded by Rey Feo XXXII Logan Stewart in 1982, the Rey Feo Consejo is a membership-based organization of former Rey Feos and other business and civic leaders. The members uphold the traditions and support the fundraising efforts to further the educational activities of the Rey Feo scholarship foundation.

What time does the San Antonio River parade start?

SAN ANTONIO – It’s almost time for San Antonio’s Day Of The Dead River Parade! The parade is taking place at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 29. KSAT will be broadcasting the parade live starting at 8 p.m. on KSAT 12, on or on our free streaming platform that works with most smart devices. 5

Where is Fiesta San Antonio located?

Antonio King, 22, was a dayside shift employee when police say he fired a gun at employees in Antioch. ALSO READ: Nashville police release 911 calls “We wuz kangznsheeeiiittt!” Just your friendly IT guy by day, cheek clapper after dark.

What is the oldest neighborhood in San Antonio Texas?

Nestled on the south bank of the San Antonio River Walk is the oldest neighborhood in the city. We’re talking about La Villita, and it’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places as a Historic District.

How long is the Battle of Flowers parade route?

The 127-year route is significant in its pilgrimage to honor the heroes of the Alamo. This route has been witnessed by U.S. presidents, senators, governors, military dignitaries and untold generations of students who are shown by example the true history, honor and respect due to Alamo heroes.

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What was the first year with no horse drawn floats during the Battle of Flowers parade?

1940 – Horsepower without the Horses The 1940 Parade was the first one in the history of the Battle of Flowers® Parades without any horses, in other words, without any horse-drawn floats.

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