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Readers ask: How do you organize scrapbooking supplies in small spaces?

Here are a few quick tips to consider as you organize your craft supplies:

  1. Clear bins make it easy to find what you’re looking for.
  2. Square or rectangle containers will store more than round containers.
  3. Follow the 1 in, 1 out rule.
  4. Only hold onto craft items that you use often.

How do you organize scrapbooking supplies?

10 Must Have Products for Scrapbooking Organization

  1. Desk Organizer. Desk organizers are one the most basic and practical solutions to staying organized.
  2. Rolling Craft Carts & Inserts.
  3. Cropper Hopper Paper Storage.
  4. Plastic Drawers.
  5. Storage Cubes.
  6. Peg Board.
  7. Decorative Boxes & Photo Boxes.
  8. Tool Caddy.

How do you store lots of crafting supplies?

10 brilliant ways to organize your craft supplies

  1. Invest in a craft storage cart.
  2. Use smaller drawers for smaller materials.
  3. Sew on the go with a portable case.
  4. Use a versatile cart if you have multiple hobbies.
  5. Invest in storage that can double as furniture.
  6. Pick pieces that provide extra surface area.

How do I hide my craft supplies?

Utilize desk drawer space to keep supplies handy below your workspace. Use a combination of drawer dividers and small containers to organize essentials within reach. Store craft supplies in one layer (no stacking) to make it easier to see available supplies quickly.

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How do I organize my crafts in a small apartment?

Use clear or semi-transparent storage boxes to store items – it may not look as nice as using colorful boxes with lids, but it will save you time if you’re looking for a particular something. Canning jars are convenient and inexpensive too, or you can clean and recycle any glass jars for small item craft storage too.

How do you categorize scrapbook paper?

The best way to organize scrapbook paper within storage boxes

  1. color (this is for paper that has a light pattern and no real design)
  2. stripes.
  3. dots.
  4. animals.
  5. food/cooking/kitchen (a smaller category, but one that I had enough paper for)
  6. music.
  7. vintage.
  8. decorative (for paintable paper, shimmer, and lace)

How do you store small objects?

33 Clever Ways To Organize All The Small Things

  1. Store bobby pins in a magnetic paper clip holder.
  2. Corral your hair ties with a carabiner.
  3. Pair your earrings up in an ice cube tray.
  4. And pack jewelry in a daily pill organizer when you travel.
  5. Cover a corkboard in linen for a flexible necklace display.

How do you organize your supplies?

General Organizing Principles For School Supplies

  1. Gather Your School Supplies Into One Area.
  2. Choose A Storage Location For The Supplies That Is Close Or Convenient To Where Your Kids Do Their Homework.
  3. Separate The Supplies Into Categories To Keep Things Neat & Easy To Find.

How do you organize your hobby?

Once you get your hobby space organized, keep it that way so that it’s always ready for you to practice your craft.

  1. Label everything. Labeling serves as a visual reminder to put things where they belong.
  2. Focus on just one or two hobbies.
  3. Pare down your stash.
  4. Re-evaluate your space periodically.
  5. Clean up regularly.
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How do I store craft supplies in my bedroom?

If you’re using baskets, boxes, or bins, make sure to keep everything inside them neatly organized. Label the boxes so you can easily see what’s inside without rooting around every time you need something. Leave a little extra space so you’ll have room if you need to add a few things to your craft stash.

How do you craft a small space?

You can use the same concept for other materials too… get creative and have fun organizing!

  1. Set up dedicated work space.
  2. Put like items together and organize for easy access.
  3. Use the wall space to organize.
  4. Cubbies are a crafter’s best friend.
  5. Organize how you craft.
  6. Use build-in surfaces.

How do you organize craft space?

How to Organize a Craft Room Work Space

  1. Step One: Purge. I went through all my craft supplies and decor items and purged a TON of stuff that I wasn’t using and honestly was never going to use.
  2. Step Two: Assess. What do you need to store?
  3. Step Three: Get What You Need.
  4. Step Four: Put it All Back.
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