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Readers ask: How do I remove a ceiling fan extension rod?

Unscrew the ceiling housing from the old fan and slide it down the rod, out of the way. Remove the rod from the ceiling mount. A typical drop rod has a cotter pin that is removed from a small pin that runs though the rod and the mount. After removing the cotter pin with the pliers, slide the mounting pin out.

Are ceiling fan extension rods universal?

Are Ceiling Fan Downrods Universal? It is not recommended that ceiling fan downrods be treated as universal or interchangable across brands, but it is possible to find a match. The easiest way ensure a match is to purchase a downrod that is from the same manufacturer as your ceiling fan.

Can you adjust the height of a ceiling fan?

Using a downrod, it is possible to adjust the height of your ceiling fan by lowering it. Coming in sizes ranging from 12 to 72 inches, downrods are designed to bring your ceiling fan down to where it can be comfortably enjoyed and have optimum performance for cooling rooms with ceilings higher than 8 feet.

Do all Downrods fit all ceiling fans?

Each manufacturer creates downrods to fit with their particular design of ceiling fans. They differ in their UL rating, diameter, color, and type of installation. A new downrod should match your existing one in everything but length, and this is possible only if you buy it from the same brand.

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Are extension Downrods universal?

No they are not, some have different diameters and threading. 2 of 2 found this helpful.

Can you use an existing Downrod for a new ceiling fan?

An extension rod, also known as a down rod, lowers the fan blades for a home ceiling fan when the blades would hit the side of a sloped or cathedral ceiling. Replacing an existing fan that uses a down rod is little different than replacing one without a rod.

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