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Readers ask: How do I keep my balcony dry?

Check out our cool tips to prevent rainwater from entering your balcony.

  1. Install Outdoor Blinds.
  2. Install Sliding Glass Shutters.
  3. Install A Roof Cover.
  4. Install A Retractable Awning.
  5. Use Bamboo Chik Blinds.

How do I keep water off my balcony?

Cover your balcony A small balcony covering or roof, for example, can help keep your balcony permanently dry. Otherwise, use a tarp or canvas to cover your balcony during rain or snowstorms. Unfortunately, even the most well-covered balconies will get wet from time to time.

What can I use to cover my balcony?

6 Balcony Privacy Options

  1. Outdoor Plants. Jungle Cover. There’s a lot to be said for plant-covered balconies.
  2. Balcony Shutters. The Shutter-up.
  3. Balcony Privacy Screens. Shoji-Style.
  4. Bamboo Roller Blinds. Bamboo-zled.
  5. Sheer Mosquito-netting Curtains. It’s Curtains for You.
  6. Beaded Curtains. Just Bead-it.

How do I reduce the heat on my balcony?

Use these shading options for your balcony to get protection from the sun and create a comfortable outdoor space

  1. Introduce a pergola.
  2. Go for awnings.
  3. Buy an outdoor umbrella.
  4. Install an acrylic sheet.
  5. Hang roller shades.
  6. Decorative metal grilles.
  7. Add shade with plants.
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How do you waterproof an apartment balcony?

How to Waterproof a Second Floor Balcony – 6 Easy Steps!

  1. Examine the Condition of the Balcony.
  2. Prepare the Surface for Waterproofing.
  3. Fill Cracks and Joints With Polyurethane Sealant.
  4. Apply a Layer of Primer.
  5. Apply a Layer of Waterproofing Membrane.
  6. Apply the Finishing Layer.

Do balconies need drainage?

Note: Drainage is required on balconies where areas are 6m2 or over. If decking or paving to a balcony is to be installed above the waterproofing (but less than 150mm below the sill) it should be a type and design that prevents standing water build-up.

How can I make my balcony private?

Let’s take a look at some ideas.

  1. Add Plants to Your Balcony. Adding plants might be one of the best ways to make your balcony private.
  2. Add Climbing Plants.
  3. Add Potted Plants.
  4. Do Some Vertical Gardening.
  5. Create Your Own Walls With Fabric or Lattice.
  6. Add Some Curtains.
  7. Install a Decorative Divider.
  8. Install Slatted Wood Screens.

How do you cover a small balcony?

14 Cozy Balcony Ideas and Decor Inspiration

  1. Add a Small Table. All you need to enjoy your morning coffee on your balcony is a café table and a chair.
  2. Install Built-In Seating.
  3. Bring in Greenery.
  4. Opt for Floor Pillows.
  5. Add Pattern with an Outdoor Rug.
  6. Use Your Wall Space.
  7. Light It Up.
  8. Hang a Chair or Hammock.

How do you cover a rainy balcony?

There are many ways you can keep your balcony dry. Retractable awnings, light lean-to structures, and full-roof covers can shield your outdoor space from downpours. Hanging outdoor blinds around your balcony will prevent the wind from blowing water sideways onto your balcony.

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How do you block the sun on a balcony?

Balcony shade options

  1. Balcony curtains are a great option that offers shade and privacy at the same time.
  2. Balcony umbrellas are the perfect antidote to the hot sun.
  3. A breezy balcony canopy will bring coolness and shade.
  4. A pergola with fabric covers, plants, or even bare, is a lovely touch to any balcony.

Does pouring water on terrace reduce heat?

3) If possible, you can pour water on the terrace on the area of your top roof in the evening, so that it remains cool during the night. While poring the water you can actually feel the heat that your terrace would emit when you pour water.

How do you keep terrace cool?

Keeping this in mind, Iyer said, these easy strategies can help make a standing home cooler than it now is.

  1. Grow plants on the terrace. Cultivating plants on the terrace helps cool down a building naturally, Iyer wrote.
  2. White lime wash on terrace.
  3. Let the air in.
  4. Plants on windows.
  5. Color coding.
  6. Splash some mud.

How much does it cost to waterproof a balcony?

A standard waterproofing job will cost you approximately $319.37. This price is still subject to change depending on the area you need to waterproof. For example, the average price of waterproofing a small bathroom is about $348.37, while the average cost of a typical balcony waterproofing job is around $299.56.

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