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Readers ask: How big do maple leaves get?

Acer macrophyllum, the bigleaf maple or Oregon maple, is a large deciduous tree in the genus Acer. Big Leaf Maple can grow up to 48.10 metres (157.80 ft) tall, but more commonly reaches 15–20 m (50–65 ft) tall.

Acer macrophyllum
Genus: Acer
Section: Acer sect. Macrophylla
Species: A. macrophyllum
Binomial name


How big do maple leaves grow?

Distribution: Big-Leaf Maple is native to the Pacific coast from southeast Alaska to southern California. Growth: Big-Leaf Maple grows rapidly when young, more slowly as it ages. It typically grows 30-75 feet (10-25m) in cultivation but can grow more than 100 feet (30m) tall.

What does a big leaf maple leaf look like?

Identification hints Big-leaf maple trees can reach up to 100 ft in height. The leaves are simple, opposite, large, dark green, and are deeply lobed. The leaf margins are usually undulating.

How big is the average maple leaf?

The leaves are 5 to 7-lobed with irregular serrated margins, measuring 4 to 7 inches in both length and width, petioles are 3 to 4 inches in length.

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How old is my big leaf maple?

Divide the circumference in inches by 3.14 to get the diameter. Approximate the tree’s age by multiplying the diameter by 3 for silver maple, 4.5 for red and Norway maple, 5 for black maple, and 5.5 for sugar maple. Perform the same measurement to get the circumference in inches.

Can you tap a big leaf maple?

The best bigleaf maple trees to tap are those with a wide-open crown and a trunk diameter between 4 and 18 inches. The bark of older bigleaf maple trees is grayish- brown and shallowly grooved, which makes tapping more difficult.

What maple tree has huge leaves?

Acer macrophyllum, known as bigleaf maple or Oregon maple, is a large deciduous tree native to Western North America, and dons the largest leaf of any tree in North America — and the largest of all 128 maple species on earth.

How fast does a big leaf maple grow?

Good potential for growth of bigleaf maple on a site is indicated by the following: Top height of existing mature trees is 80 to 100 ft. Rapid juvenile height growth of >3 ft per year. Sustained height growth from age 15 to 30 of 1 to 2 ft per year.

Can you eat big leaf maple?

Big leaf maple has been a highly valued tree throughout the ages. The Klallam People infused the bark for sore throats and turberculosis. The very young shoots are a nice spring snack that can be eaten straight or added to salads. They become astringent and slightly bitter as they get larger.

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Are Acers and maples the same?

Acer is the latin name for the genus, which comprises approximately 130 species and over 700 cultivars. As Acers often have attractive autumn foliage colour, many countries have leaf-watching traditions. The ever popular maple syrup is of course made from a type of maple tree (sugar maple – Acer saccharum).

How many leaves does a mature maple tree have?

For example, a maple tree (genus Acer) with a trunk around 3 feet (1 meter) in diameter will have about 100,000 leaves in a good summer (that means no drought conditions or defoliation of trees from creatures like gypsy moths).

Is there a small maple tree?

There are many Acer Maples that are suitable for small spaces and small properties, as well as even smaller ornamental maples that work well in perennial gardens or as accent plants.

How long do maple trees last?

How long a maple tree lives depends on the type of maple. A sugar maple can live up to 400 years, whereas a silver maple usually lives about a century. Red maple trees live a bit longer, surviving up to 300 years.

Is big leaf maple a hardwood?

Bigleaf maple is a commercially important hardwood timber for the United States’ west coast, where it is virtually the only commercial maple species in the region. It is considered to be in the grouping of soft maples, and its wood is lighter, softer, and weaker than that of hard maple.

How tall is a 4 Caliper maple tree?

Here are the approximate heights for Maple trees by caliper size: 2 inch caliper = 10-12 ft tall, 2.5 inch caliper = 12-14 ft tall, 3 inch caliper = 14-16 ft tall, 3.5 inch caliper = 16-18 ft tall, 4 inch caliper = 18+ ft tall.

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