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Quick Answer: What is crooks doing at the beginning of Chapter 4?

3. What is Crooks doing at the beginning and end of Chapter 4? He is rubbing liniment on his back.

What is crooks doing at the beginning and at the end of the chapter 4?

Chapter 4 begins and ends with Crooks putting liniment on his back in his room. He’s isolated from the rest of the men and pretty much stays to himself in his room when he isn’t working. She puts Crooks back in his place as the only black man on the ranch who isn’t allowed to even socialize with the whites.

What do we learn about crooks in Chapter 4?

From Chapter 4, we can tell that though Crooks has an ever-present American Dream, one where he is deemed equal among his white workers, in his sense it is no more than a dream, as the constant reminder of his Black skin and subsequent discrimination is far superior than his will to dream that one day his American

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How does Chapter 4 of mice and men begin and end?

When the chapter begins, Crooks is in his room rubbing his back and Lennie walks in. When the men come back from town, she leaves and George comes looking for Lennie. In the end of the chapter, Crooks tells them that he doesn’t want to go with them anymore.

What is crooks doing at the end of the chapter 4?

3. What is Crooks doing at the beginning and end of Chapter 4? He is rubbing liniment on his back.

How does crooks change in Chapter 4?

At the end of Chapter 4, Crooks is a totally defeated man. He has had to give in to Curley’s wife and he feels the fact that he is completely powerless. You can see this symbolized in the fact that he starts putting liniment on his back (his disability) after she leaves.

What is crooks doing when Lennie enters the room?

He is too worried about the horses to be far from them. What is Crooks doing when Lennie enters his room? Fixing a harness.

What do we learn about crooks through his conversation with Lennie?

During their conversation, Lennie reveals the secret about the farm, which Crooks initially thinks Lennie is making up. Crooks also prods Lennie about his relationship with George and scares Lennie by suggesting that George might not come back. The more Crooks presses Lennie, the more Lennie becomes scared and upset.

How does crooks explain to Lennie why he upset him?

What possibility does Crooks upset Lennie with? He says that Lennie was kicked in the head by a horse when he was little. He tells him that nobody will ever marry him. He taunts him with the idea that there’s no such thing as rabbits.

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Why was crooks happy in Chapter 4?

Crooks becomes very excited when he realizes he can tell Lennie anything, because Lennie won’t understand it. He tells Lennie how when he was young his father had a chicken ranch. Crooks used to play with the white children, but his father didn’t like it.

Who is Crooks in Of Mice and Men?

Crooks is the only black man on the ranch and experiences a significant amount of racism and discrimination. He is lonely and isolated, making him resentful and bitter towards the other characters, as seen when he tries to torment Lennie about George abandoning him.

Who walks in on crooks in the barn at the beginning of Chapter 4 *?

It is Saturday night, and Crooks is all alone in his room. Because everyone but Lennie and Candy went to town, Lennie is bored and walks into the barn to see the puppies. Crooks acts irritated, but eventually strikes up a conversation with Lennie.

What does crooks put on his back?

Crooks is rubbing salve on his back. He earned the nickname Crooks because a horse kicked him and now he is permanently crooked- hence “Crooks”. This seems like a fairly unimportant event in the story, but in fact it is this injury that binds Lennie and Crooks because they both have deficiencies.

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