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Question: Will lobelia grow back?

Lobelia in winter will die back no matter which variety you have. However, the annual Lobelia may not come back at all even if it formed seed. But it is easy to plant from seed in controlled situations. Perennial plants will die back but, if given proper care, should flourish anew when temperatures warm up.

How do I bring my lobelia back to life?

Pick off a few diseased leaves or treat widespread rust with neem oil sprays; if you act quickly you should be able to reverse the disease’s progression. In the future, allow your lobelia more room to breathe — good air circulation can prevent many fungal problems.

Is lobelia a perennial or annual?

Lobelia is a genus of about 370 species of annuals, perennials (even some aquatics) and shrubs. They are all basically perennials, but some are treated as annuals. In their native habitat they may be found along riverbanks, wet meadows, marshes, woodlands, mountain slopes and deserts.

Should you deadhead lobelia?

Once established, the lobelia plant requires little maintenance. Lobelia should delight your garden with beautiful blooms about mid-summer, continuing on up to the first frost. Although not necessary, you can deadhead lobelia plants to maintain a neat appearance.

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What to do with lobelia after flowering?

Cut back the plant by half or more at the end of its bloom period. Trimming back lobelia plants keeps them from looking messy, and it may encourage another flush of blooms.

Will lobelia rebloom if cut back?

Cutting back a lobelia plant will increase the blooming season and increase the number of new blossoms. Pinch back the tips of the young lobelia plants when you purchase them from the nursery. Without this initial pinching, the stems can grow long and make the plant look leggy and unkempt.

How long do lobelia plants last?

High heat can cause lobelia to suffer, but the plants stay in bloom for many weeks in areas with cool nights.

Do Lobelia plants spread?

Lobelia is a small plant that generally grows to heights no taller than 10 inches. Bush types spread only five to nine inches, but trailing varieties expand as much as 1 1/2 feet.

Is great blue lobelia a perennial?

Lobelia siphilitica, commonly called great lobelia or blue cardinal flower, is a Missouri native perennial which typically grows in moist to wet locations along streams, sloughs, springs, swamps, meadows and in low wooded areas.

Is Lobelia a ground cover?

Use Lobelia plants in containers, hanging baskets, edging along the flower garden, and as a general ground cover. Blue Lobelia flowers make a beautiful ground cover that performs well in full sun to partial shade. Growing Lobelia Erinus from seed is very rewarding!

How do you grow perennial lobelia?

Perennial lobelias It needs very moist, fertile soil that doesn’t dry out. Lobelia tupa is best grown in full sun in a sheltered spot and fertile, well-drained soil. It may need protection in hard winters. Lobelia x speciosa varieties also do best in moist soil, in sun or partial shade.

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How do you look after lobelia?

Bedding lobelia Water plants whenever necessary to keep the soil or compost moist as this will prolong flowering. Feed with a balanced liquid plant food every 2 weeks during spring and early summer and then switch to a high potash one every two weeks from then on. Deadhead and cut back plants after flowering.

Can you split lobelia?

Lobelia can be divided in the fall, however, that will disrupt the blooming cycle — lobelia is a fall-blooming plant. The best time to divide lobelia is in the spring, just after the new growth begins to emerge.

How do you propagate lobelia?

If you can find some new growth stems on your lobelia, choose a 4-5-inch stem, one with three or four nodes (these are the buds where the leaves emerge). Push the cuttings into a wet potting soil, leaving about half the stem above the soil. Place your cuttings in a protected shady place.

How do you deadhead a lobelia plant?

If deadheading the flowers on the individual stems, head them back toward the base, so they aren’t sticking up above the foliage. Snip at an angle, so water will run off the cut if it rains. Alternatively, shear back the entire plant by half once the flowers have finished blooming and begun to dry out in midsummer.

Can you overwinter lobelia UK?

Perennial lobelia will survive the winter with virtually no special attention or care, according to Faddegon’s Nursery. Use sterilized pruning shears to prune the dead stalks and stems to keep the plants tidy and rake away any debris from around the base of the plants to eliminate hiding places for pests.

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