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Question: Who is Garroth?

Garroth was introduced since the very first episode of Minecraft Diaries. He was the Head Guard of Phoenix Drop. Throughout Season 1, he gains the help of Laurance and Dante, who become second in commands and end up becoming like brothers to Garroth, supporting him through tough times within the series.

Is Garroth a werewolf?

Garroth, now revealed to be a werewolf, met with Agent R at the beach while he was escaping the GF and gave him a brief about what happened at an abandoned villa. He told him that a few weeks ago, after the finale of Starlight, the Guardian Forces invaded and prompted everyone to evacuate inwards.

Are Garroth and Laurance brothers?

Laurance has also grown close to Garroth and Dante, whom are also guards that protect Phoenix Drop. He considers them as his “brothers.”

Is Aphmau Ein’s sister?

Ein is the son of Zack and inherited his werewolf genes. Aphmau is Ein’s paternal half-sister.

Who is Dante’s brother Aphmau?

His older brother, Gene, is two years older than him. He doesn’t know about how Gene used to treat everyone in high school.

Is Garroth from Aphmau LGBT?

Guy and Nate are gay. Teoni is a lesbian. Garroth and Laurence have been confirmed to have “done things”, same for Zenix and Vlayd. Travis is also confirmed to be attracted to boys and girls.

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Is Vlayd adopted Aphmau?

He was adopted by Garte upon discovery that he was biologically connected to his other children.

What is Ein’s real name from Aphmau?

Ein ( Christopher Escalente ) is a major antagonist that appears through out the Aphmau Minecraft Dairies series. He is Aphmau’s parental half-brother and a werewolf.

Is Christopher Escalante related to Aphmau?

Christopher Escalante is a voice actor, music composer, and on-screen personality and producer for the YouTube channel, “Aphmau,” with over 10 Million subscribers.

Are Gene and Dante brothers?

Dante was born in the village of Boboros and was the younger brother of the shadow knight named Gene.

Why does Zane from Aphmau wear a mask?

During the winter in O’Khasis, both himself and Garroth were playing in the snow. Garroth tricked Zane and threw a snowball that directly hit his right eye. The snowball secretly had a rock in it, thus it caused Zane’s eye to redden and eventually go blind. He had his hair cover his right eye ever since.

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