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Question: What is the newest Great Wolf Lodge?

The new Great Wolf Lodge Northern California opened in Manteca, California, in June 2021. This Bay Area indoor water park is approximately 90 minutes from San Francisco and an hour from Sacramento.

Which is the largest Great Wolf Lodge?

The largest properties in the Great Wolf Lodge chain are Great Wolf Lodge Garden Grove in California at 121,000 square feet and Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls (on the Canada side) at 103,000 square feet.

How many locations does the Great Wolf Lodge have?

CHICAGO – (July 20, 2021) – Mid-Atlantic families will have something fun to howl about in 2023 as Great Wolf Resorts, Inc., North America’s largest family of indoor water park resorts, broke ground today on its newest resort in Perryville, Maryland.

Has anyone died Great Wolf Lodge?

An incident at the Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, Va., on June 19 involved a 4-year-old girl. Though she was rescued and revived, she died later at Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters in Norfolk, Va.

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Which Great Wolf Lodge has a lazy river?

Crystal River | Indoor Water Park Activity | Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls, ON.

Does Florida have a Great Wolf Lodge?

There are 17 Great Wolf lodges in the U.S., and one in Canada, with two more being constructed or planned in Arizona and California; Pompano Beach would be the first location in Florida.

How deep is the water at Great Wolf Lodge?

Safety Requirements: The deepest point in the pool is five feet deep. Guests less than 48 inches tall MUST wear a lifejacket. Weak swimmers and non-swimmers should wear a lifejacket and remain in the shallow end.

Are they building a new Great Wolf Lodge?

New Resort Coming to Perryville in 2023 Great Wolf Lodge Maryland will become our 20th resort in North America, and our largest!

Who owns Great Wolf Lodge?

Water-park owner Great Wolf Resorts Inc. is continuing its wild ride through private-equity ownership. Blackstone Group Inc. said Wednesday it is buying a 65% controlling stake in the company from its current private-equity owner, Centerbridge Partners LP.

How much does it cost to go to Great Wolf Lodge?

With taxes and fees, the final cost was $341. That includes a room, water park passes for 6 people, and parking. Guests at the Great Wolf Lodge are able to use the water park on the day they arrive and the day they leave. That breaks down to $57 per person.

Can you smoke at Great Wolf Lodge?

Great Wolf Lodge does not permit smoking in any of its rooms or indoor areas.

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Can you bring outside food to Great Wolf Lodge?

You can absolutely bring your own food and drink to the lodge. There is a mini refrigerator in the room as well as a microwave. Outside Food and beverage is NOT permitted in the waterpark itself, but in your room/lobby area is fine.

Are the pools heated at Great Wolf Lodge?

The water at the Great Wolf Lodge is heated, and it is lovely. There are water slides. At the Lodge, the water slides are free, included in the room rate with the rest of the water park. Inside, there are four swimming pools, a lazy river, and a whole bunch of water slides.

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