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Question: How much is a Maid Rite?

Our Maid-Rites are made plain and then frozen. We pack pickles and onions in separate bags. The Maid-Rites are then packed in a reusable cooler with refreezable Gel-Packs and are shipped UPS 2nd Day Air.

Send-A-Maid-Rite Prices.

Quantity Price *
2 Dozen $193
3 Dozen $263

How much does a Maid-Rite cost?

A typical Maid-Rite franchise in a leased, 1,300-square-foot facility, including the franchisee fee, equipment, millwork, inventory, furniture, fixtures and working capital, costs between $250,000 and $350,000.

What is the difference between a Maid-Rite and a sloppy joe?

One thing to note, a Maid-Rite is not a Sloppy Joe and can’t really compare. The only thing similar is they are both made from loose ground beef and they are both served on a hamburger bun. A Sloppy Joe is a saucy, tomato based creation while the Maid-Rite doesn’t really have a sauce.

Is Maid-Rite gluten free?

Served with 100% Pure Beef with choice of Mustard, Pickle, Onion. We are sorry we do not carry any gluten free options.

Where is the original Maid-Rite?

The original Maid-Rite sandwich was invented during 1926 in Muscatine, Iowa. Butcher Fred Angell steamed hamburger instead of frying it and slurried in some spices. He offered one of his sandwiches to a delivery man who was so enthused that he said, “Fred, you know this sandwich is made right.”

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How many calories is a Maid-Rite?

There are 415 calories in 1 sandwich (3.5 oz) of Maid-Rite Maid-Rite.

Who invented the Maid-Rite Sandwich?

In 1926, the Maid-Rite sandwich was born! Fred Angell started the concept in Muscatine, Iowa. Fred began to franchise his idea, selling the rights to Newton, Iowa in 1927 and Marshalltown, Iowa in 1928. Cliff Taylor purchased the 1928 franchise for the sum of $300.

Who owns the Maid-Rite in Greenville Ohio?

The restaurant itself dates back to 1934 when Mark Koontz’s great-aunt, Louise Maher, opened the place with her brothers Gene and Tom. “It’s always been very family based,” says Koontz, who now runs The Maid-Rite Sandwich Shoppe.

Is Taylor’s Maid-Rite in Marshalltown open?

Hours: Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Sunday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Winter hours: Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Sunday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

What are Sloppy Joes called in Iowa?

Call it the king of the loose-meat sandwiches. A tried-and-true Iowa classic for nearly 100 years, the Maid-Rite is a sandwich unlike any other.

Do you drain meat for sloppy joes?

“Don’t skimp on the beef.” Move the beef to a colander to drain, reserving a little bit of the beef fat. In the same pan, start building your sloppy joe base: Diced onions and red and green pepper, with a little bit of garlic — chopped finely, almost like a paste — thrown in for good measure.

What cut of meat is ground beef made from?

Ground beef generally consists of the leftover trimmings from steaks, roasts and other beef cuts. At the store, labels will further specify what you’re getting. “Ground chuck” is made only with chuck trimmings, “ground round” with trimmings from the round and “ground sirloin” with sirloin bits and pieces.

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Is Maid-Rite cash only?

Our drive-thru is open. We also offer call-in orders which can be paid over the phone with credit cards. If you choose not to pay over the phone, you will have to pay through the drive-thru.

Where did the tavern sandwich come from?

Carroll Dietz of Missoula, Montana, created the precursor to the tavern sandwich in 1920, referred to as a “steamed hamburger.” In 1926, Fred Angell began selling his version of the sandwich at the first Maid-Rite restaurant in Muscatine, Iowa, under the name “loose meat sandwich.” The name “tavern” for the sandwich is

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