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Question: How do you attach decorative wire to stained glass?

Wire Working and Soldering

  1. Start connecting the shells and glass with the wire using the jeweller’s needle nose pliers.
  2. Twist and turn the wire, soldering to the foil as you go.
  3. When you’ve finished make sure that the connections are strong enough to support the stained glass and shells.

What wire Can you solder to stained glass?

14-18 gauge is the range for most stained glass projects. #14 gauge is good for hanging and #18 for more decorative stained glass work.

How do you secure stained glass?

The simplest way to hang a stained glass panel is to attach some hooks to the existing framework of the window and hang the stained glass with wire or chain. This is a good way for people who plan to move and want to take their window with them. The stained glass can be much smaller than the existing window frame.

What is the best solder to use for stained glass?

The most used solders in stained glass are 60/40 (60% tin/40% lead) 50/50 and 63/37. “Lead-free” solders have no number designation and are a mix of tin and small amounts of other metals. Also look for “pure” solders–free of impurities. You will spend less but you will get scum as you solder and ruin your iron tip.

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Can you use copper wire for stained glass?

TINNED COPPER WIRE is used as accents and detail lines. The wire is coated with a thin layer of solder to match your copper foil or leaded piece. And with the thin solder coating, this wire solders like a dream. The copper used in this wire is soft tempered so it bends to shape easily.

How do you use copper overlay on stained glass?

This technique involves tracing or drawing a pattern onto a sheet of copper foil. Once the copper foil is affixed to the glass, the pattern is cut out with an exacto knife. The pattern is then burnished down to stop the edges from lifting.

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