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Question: How do radioactive substances spread pollution?

External contamination occurs when radioactive material, in the form of dust, powder, or liquid, comes into contact with a person’s skin, hair, or clothing. People who are externally contaminated can become internally contaminated if radioactive material gets into their bodies.

How does radioactive waste cause pollution?

Radioactive pollution occurs when there is a presence or depositions of radioactive materials in the atmosphere or environment, especially where their presence is accidental and when it presents an environmental threat due to radioactive decay.

How does radioactive pollution affect the environment?

Radiation exposure to the environment means that it is present even in the soil. The radioactive contaminants in the soil react together with the various nutrients that cause the nutrients to be lost, making the soil highly toxic and infertile.

How do radioactive waste pollute water?

There are two sources of radioactive contamination in drinking water. The first is naturally occurring radionuclides that are contained in the soil that water moves through. Some areas are susceptible to contamination from phosphate rich soils and rock. These contaminants may cause different types of biological damage.

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Can radioactive spread?

Radiation cannot be spread from person to person. Small quantities of radioactive materials occur naturally in the air, drinking water, food and our own bodies. People also can come into contact with radiation through medical procedures, such as X-rays and some cancer treatments.

What are the effects of radioactive waste?

Exposure to certain high levels of radiation, such as that from high-level radioactive waste, can even cause death. Radiation exposure can also cause cancer, birth defects, and other abnormalities, depending on the time of exposure, amount of radiation, and the decay mechanism.

What are the four effects of radioactive pollution?

Development of Diseases due to Radioactive Pollution Exposure. The most common disease that arises in people that have been exposed to radioactive pollution is cancer. Other dangerous diseases that might be brought on by exposure to radioactive waste include anaemia, leukaemia, haemorrhages, and cardiovascular diseases

What is radioactive pollution and its effect?

The destruction caused by the radioactive material is because of the emission of radioactive radiation like alpha, gamma rays which effect the body of organism badly. Effects of Radioactive pollution. Genetic mutation. Soil infertility. Cell destruction.

What is radiation pollution causes and effects?

This radiation is generated through detonation of nuclear weapons or in power plants. Therefore, the meaning of radiation pollution is that, while there are ubiquitous sources of radiation, it is mostly the high-energy radiation that causes radiation pollution, carrying serious health risks (such as cancer or death).

How does radiation affect water?

Any radioactive material that gets into surface water or ground water sources will be diluted to very low levels by the water and will be safe to use for washing skin, hair, and clothing.

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What is radioactive substances water pollution?

Radioactive pollution of water, water sources, and air space is the result of radioactive fallout from the cloud of a nuclear explosion. Radionuclides are the main sources of pollution; they emit beta particles and gamma rays, radioactive substances.

What is nuclear waste water pollution?

Wastewater with a very high activity is formed during the processing of nuclear fuel. Such wastewater is often strongly acid. Wastewater from the processing of uranium ore is generated in the vicinity of the mines. The main sources of contamination are wash water, sand, and other solid wastes.

Is it safe to be around someone who has had radiation?

Some cancer patients who receive radiation therapy worry that their bodies will become “radioactive” after they receive radiation treatment. Their concern is that close physical contact with others could expose them to radiation. “The general answer to this concern is that physical contact is fine,” Snyder says.

How is radioactivity contagious?

How Radioactive Contamination Is Spread. People who are externally contaminated with radioactive material can contaminate other people or surfaces that they touch. For example, people who have radioactive dust on their clothing may spread the radioactive dust when they sit in chairs or hug other people.

What happens if you touch a radioactive person?

Initial symptoms include nausea, vomiting, headache and diarrhoea. These symptoms can start within minutes or days after the exposure. People who have been exposed to high doses can also have skin damage ranging from itching to burns, blisters and ulcers. They may also have temporary hair loss.

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