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Often asked: Is the HESI test hard?

The HESI exam can be a tricky test, so it is important that you read carefully the entire question as well as all of the answers. Often times, the test writers will throw in a few tricks to distract you and to keep you from seeing the correct answer.

What is the passing score for HESI exam?

Each section is scored separately on a scale from 0 to 100. Schools set their own passing scores for the HESI exam. Most schools have a minimum passing score of 75% for each section of the exam. However, some schools may require students to get a 75% on one section and an 80% on another section.

How long does it take to prepare for the HESI?

HESI Study Timeframe Most experts recommend studying for 5-6 weeks when preparing for this exam. This is a great time frame to avoid cramming and better learn and review information.

How do I pass the HESI exam?

Below are 5 hacks to help you get the score you want on the HESI A2 entrance exam:

  1. Take a practice test.
  2. Tailor your study plan.
  3. Practice, practice, practice.
  4. Manage your time.
  5. Take a final practice test before the big day.
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Can you cheat on HESI exam?

The Office of Testing Services will NOT tolerate cheating by any test taker, including testers taking the exam through virtual online proctoring.

What percentage is an 850 on HESI?

Faculty have set a score of 850 as considered a success. Benchmark: Desired performance of Partially met = 85-89% pass rate (>850), Fully met = 90- 100% pass rate (>850) on the HESI-RN by the cohort of students. This is in line with our program performance indicator of 90% on the NCLEX-RN national board exam.

Can you use a calculator on the HESI test?

Do you get to use a calculator on the HESI? You are allowed to use a calculator on the HESI exam. However, you cannot bring your own. There will be a digital calculator available on-screen.

What kind of math is on the HESI test?

The Health Education Systems, Inc. Admission Assessment (HESI A2) Mathematics Test consists of 50 mathematics questions covering several subsections. These subsections are: Basic Operations; Decimals, Fractions, and Percentages; Proportions, Ratios, Rate, and Military Time; and Algebra.

Do you need to study for the HESI?

Students looking to apply to select nursing schools will have to learn how to study for the HESI. In short, it tells schools whether a student is ready to enter into their program. Every school has its own specific requirements so it’s important that students read and understand them before applying to take the test.

Is HESI math multiple choice?

The subtest is computer-delivered and contains 55 multiple-choice questions. Each question has four possible solutions; there is only one correct answer. Topics included in the Mathematics subtest are: Addition and Subtraction.

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Is 85 a good HESI score?

Generally, a score of 90% to 100% on any of the HESI sub-tests is regarded as excellent. A score between 80% and 89% is regarded as very good. Typically, a score of 75% to 79% is regarded as satisfactory, although some schools consider scores as low as 70% to be satisfactory.

How much is the HESI exam?

Pre-Licensure Program applicants must complete the HESI Admission Assessment Examination for admission consideration. The cost of the HESI exam is the responsibility of the applicant and must be paid for each testing attempt. The current cost is $42.

Are you allowed scratch paper on HESI?

Yes, generally you are given 2-3 pieces of scratch paper. At home testing also allows you to have scratch paper. Make sure to show your online proctor that you have scrap paper and how much scrap paper that you have.

Can you take HESI online?

Registering to Take the HESI A2 at a College or University Colleges may ask students to call the testing center to set up an appointment or use an online registration system that allows individuals to schedule and pay for the test through its website. Students must also create an Evolve account on the Elsevier website.

Is the HESI proctored?

Elsevier is proud to offer online proctoring for the HESI exam through ProctorU. If you DO NOT already have a ProctorU account, simply use this link to sign up with an Elsevier – HESI enrollment.

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