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Often asked: How deep do I plant seed potatoes?

Planting Potatoes in the Garden To begin with, dig a trench that is 6-8 inches deep. Plant each piece of potato (cut side down, with the eyes pointing up) every 12-15 inches, with the rows spaced 3 feet apart.

Can you plant seed potatoes too deep?

Re: How deep is too deep for potatoes? 10″ should not be a problem. If you leave spuds in a sack for a long time the chits can get a lot longer than that.

Can you plant potatoes deep?

When growing potatoes in the ground, plant earlies and salad types 12cm deep and 30cm apart, with 60cm between rows. Maincrop potatoes require more space to produce a decent crop. Plant them 12cm deep and 38cm apart, with 75cm between rows. Plant potatoes with the shoots (or ‘eyes’) facing upwards.

How deep do potatoes grow in the ground?

Potatoes will need smooth soil at a depth of up to 8 inches (20 centimeters) to grow properly. Potato tubers (the part of the plant you harvest and eat!) will grow between 2 and 5 inches (5 and 12.5 centimeters) long, depending on the variety.

Do you plant seed potatoes with eyes up or down?

Small seed potatoes that measure 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5 cm.) in diameter (about the size of a chicken egg) can be planted whole with, as noted, the eye facing up. Preferably, the seed potato will have more than one eye. In this case, just ensure that at least one healthy eye will be facing up.

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Do you soak seed potatoes before planting?

The real reason to soak some seeds prior to planting is because the hard seed coat can make getting moisture into the seed to start growth difficult. There is no need to do that to potatoes since they do not have a hard seed coat and moisture gets into the seed potato quite easily.

What happens if you plant potatoes too deep?

Planting them too deeply can cause the plants to rot before they have a chance to sprout. Also, it makes harvesting the plant very difficult during the end of the season because the root vegetable is buried so deeply into the soil. This can make for a physically exhausting harvesting session.

How deep is too deep for planting potatoes?

In general, though, potatoes should be planted 4” – 6” deep into loose, fertile soil. If they are planted too deep or don’t have access to light within the first few inches of growth, the plant will rot.

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