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Question: How Do You Hang Valances On Kitchen Curtains??

How to Hang Curtains With a Valance

  • Buy two different curtain rods.
  • Install the hardware for the cafe rod or regular rod for the sheer panel or lightweight curtain.
  • Install the hardware for the valance.
  • Thread the lightweight curtain or sheer panel onto the café rod or regular curtain rod.
  • Thread the valance onto the its rod.

How much fabric do I need for kitchen curtains?

A simple rule of thumb is that a curtain is one and a half to two times the width of the area it is meant to cover. A heavier fabric will provide fullness that a lightweight fabric will not supply.

What length should kitchen curtains be?

When measuring for curtains, keep in mind that curtains usually come in only a few different lengths: 63 inches, 84 inches, 95 inches, 108 inches, and 120 inches. Tier curtains, which are shorter and generally don’t cover an entire window, are usually either 24 inches or 36 inches long.

How do you measure fabric for valances?

To make a plain valance, first measure the width of your window. Multiply this width by 1-1/2. The length of the valance should be 1/4 the window height plus one inch. Using these measurements, cut a rectangle from your fabric and lining.

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