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FAQ: What is ODBC INI file in Datastage?

The odbc. ini file provides information about connecting to all the databases and database client applications that you use. You must configure this file so that IBM® InfoSphere® Information Server can access ODBC data sources.

What is an ODBC INI file?

The odbc. ini file is a sample data-source configuration information file. ini (note the added dot at the beginning of the file name). Every DSN to which your application connects must have an entry in this file. The following table describes the sections in $HOME/.

Where is ODBC INI file in DataStage ODBC ini?

odbc. ini: The ODBC driver manager file contains details related to your ODBC connection. The default locations for this file are DSHOME and IBM/InformationServer/Server/branded_odbc.

What is ODBC connector in DataStage?

The ODBC stage is a passive connectivity stage. When you use IBM® InfoSphere® DataStage® to access external data sources, you can choose from a collection of connectivity options. For most new jobs, use the ODBC Connector stage, which offers better functionality and performance than the ODBC stage.

How do I add DSN to DataStage?

In DataStage Designer, the DSN list is empty when importing a stored procedure.

  1. Go to $DSHOME (eg. /
  2. Create an entry in the.odbc.ini file for the data source.
  3. Go into the project directory (eg. /
  4. Create an entry like this with the data source name (DSN) that was created in the.odbc.ini file:
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What is ODBC ini and Odbcinst ini?

In simple terms, odbcinst. ini is a registry and configuration file for ODBC drivers in an environment, while odbc. ini is a registry and configuration file for ODBC DSNs (Data Source Names), typically based on drivers registered in the other.

What is FreeTDS driver?

FreeTDS is a set of libraries for Unix and Linux that allows your programs to natively talk to Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase databases. Technically speaking, FreeTDS is an open source implementation of the TDS (Tabular Data Stream) protocol used by these databases for their own clients.

Where is ODBC INI Linux?

By default, the odbc. ini file is installed in HOME_PATH, where HOME_PATH is the directory you specified as the home directory during installation on Linux.

What is Oracle connector DataStage?

The Oracle connector writes the data to an Oracle database. Because this job includes an optional reject link, the Oracle connector transfers rejected records to a stage that stores them. In this example, a Sequential File stage stores the rejected records.

How do I create an ODBC connection in DataStage?

DataStage – How to setup ODBC using with MS SQL database on Unix

  1. CD to $DSHOME. Make a copy of the file.odbc.ini. Edit. odbc.
  2. Go to the project, there is a file call uvodbc. config. Make a copy of the file then edit. Add the entry.
  3. Test odbc using DS_CONNECT defined for DataStage as follows:

Which hash file is used when limited amount of data?

A static hash file is used when a limited amount of data is loaded to the target database. A dynamic hash file is used when we don’t know the exact amount of data to be transferred to the target database.

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What is DSN in DataStage?

The first step to troubleshoot an ODBC connectivity error is to validate that DataStage can successfully load the libraries that the ODBC drivers need to connect to a database. odbc. ini containing the Data Source Names (DSN).

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