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FAQ: What is FMF mean?


Acronym Definition
FMF Free Money Finance (blog)
FMF Familial Mediterranean Fever
FMF Foreign Military Financing
FMF Fleet Marine Force


What does FMF mean in dating?

FMF stands for two women and one man. So now you know FMF stands for Two Women and One Man, thank you not for us. ### YW!

What is FMF full form?

Specialty. Rheumatology, Immunology. Familial Mediterranean fever (FMF) is a hereditary inflammatory disorder. FMF is an autoinflammatory disease caused by mutations in Mediterranean fever gene, which encodes a 781–amino acid protein called pyrin.

How is FMF treated?

Initial treatment of FMF is with colchicine. Colchicine — Colchicine is primarily effective as a prophylactic treatment for the FMF attacks. It is recommended in all patients regardless of the frequency and intensity of attacks.

What does FMF mean in racing?

RIDING AND RACING For those of you wondering, FMF stands for ‘ Flying Machine Factory ‘.

How do I get an FMF certificate?

The Fetal Medicine Foundation (FMF) has introduced a process of comprehensive training, support and audit for the proper implementation of many aspects of Fetal Medicine. The appropriate FMF Certificates of competence will be awarded to those sonographers who have: Attended a theoretical course.

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What causes FMF?

FMF is caused by mutations of the MEFV gene. The disease is inherited as an autosomal recessive trait. Hereditary diseases are determined by the combination of genes for a particular trait that are on the chromosomes received from the father and the mother.

Is FMF an autoimmune disease?

Overview. As opposed to an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks its own cells, FMF is an autoinflammatory disease in which the innate immune system (the body’s first-line defense) simply doesn’t work as it is should.

Can FMF be without fever?

FMF diagnosis is supported by the presence of fever lasting less than 2 days, chest and/or abdominal pain, ethnicity. Otherwise, the absence of: fever lasting more than 6 days, enlarged cervical lymph nodes, urticarial rash, aphthous stomatitis supports the diagnosis [20].

Is FMF American?

The Foreign Military Financing (FMF) program provides grants and loans to help countries purchase weapons and defense equipment produced in the United States as well as acquiring defense services and military training. Congress appropriates funds for FMF through the yearly Foreign Operations Appropriations Act.

Who started FMF?

FMF founder Don Emler, 62, built his business from his garage in 1973 into a prominent motorcycle parts company.

What does FMF stand for in the Navy?

The United States Fleet Marine Forces (FMF) are combined general- and special-purpose forces within the United States Department of the Navy that perform offensive amphibious or expeditionary warfare and defensive maritime employment.

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