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FAQ: What is a hole making tool?

The crossword clue Hole-making tool with 5 letters was last seen on the January 13, 2021. We think the likely answer to this clue is AUGER.

Hole Making Tool Crossword Clue.

Rank Word Clue
95% AUGER Hole-making tool
95% AWL Hole-making tool
95% DRILL Hole-making tool
95% BRADAWL Hole-making tool


What is a Carpenters hole making tool called?

Purpose. A bradawl is used to make indentations in wood or other materials in order to ease the insertion of a nail or screw. The bradawl is then twisted through 90 degrees which displaces the fibres creating a hole.

What is a small tool for boring holes called?

A gimlet is a hand tool for drilling small holes, mainly in wood, without splitting.

What is a small hole drilling tool?

A hole may be drilled or bored; awls, gimlets, and augers also produce holes. An awl is the simplest hole maker, for, like a needle, it simply pushes material to one side without removing it.

What is a belt hole maker called?

A leather punch is a hole punch specifically for making holes in leather. The working tip of the punch is a hollow steel cylinder with a sharp circular knife-like edge. They are typically used for making holes for buckles, eyelets, and rivets in shoes, belts, bridles, etc.

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What are the types of boring tools?

The Different Types of Boring Tools

  • Solid boring bars. Typically made of carbide for finishing or heavy metal for roughing, solid boring bars have dense structures that make for a more stable cut as axial force is applied.
  • Damping bars.
  • Rough boring heads.
  • Fine boring heads.
  • Twin cutter boring heads.
  • Digital boring heads.

Which tools are used for boring tools?

Drilling and Boring Tools

  • Standard twist drill.
  • Improved twist drill.
  • Titanium-coated bit.
  • Bradpoint bit.
  • Spade bit.
  • Powerbore bit.
  • Auger bit.
  • Forstner bit.

What is the tool used to hold bits when boring?

Brace and bit, hand-operated tool for boring holes in wood, consisting of a crank-shaped turning device, the brace, that grips and rotates the hole-cutting tool, the bit. The auger bit shown in the Figure is of the style traditionally used by carpenters; its six parts are shown in the Figure.

What is a leather punching tool called?

Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for LEATHER PUNCH [ awl ]

What is an awl tool?

A stitching awl is a tool with which holes can be punctured in a variety of materials, or existing holes can be enlarged. It is also used for sewing heavy materials, such as leather or canvas. It is a thin, tapered metal shaft, coming to a sharp point, either straight or slightly bent.

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