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FAQ: What does OSHA look for during an inspection?

An OSHA inspection will place an emphasis on OSHA’s posting and recordkeeping requirements. The compliance officer will want to see the records of deaths, injuries, and illnesses that you are required to keep. This is the OSHA Log of Injuries and Illnesses, also known as the OSHA Form 300.

What are the 3 parts to an OSHA inspection?

An OSHA inspection, whether programmed or unprogrammed, consists of three stages:

  • Opening Conference;
  • Walkaround or Full Company Inspection, Document Review and Employee Interviews; and.
  • Closing Conference.

What do OSHA inspectors inspect?

After the opening conference, but before the inspector walks around the facility, the inspector usually checks the OSHA required Log and Summary of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses and may examine other OSHA required records.

What will prompt an OSHA inspection?

Many different circumstances can prompt an OSHA inspection, ranging from a workplace death to mere chance. Programmed inspections, in which worksites are randomly selected, or based on emphasis programs, injury rates or previous citations.

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How do I prepare for OSHA inspection?

Here are some ways you can prepare:

  1. Know What To Expect. When an OSHA inspector arrives, they should show you their credentials.
  2. Assign Responsibilities.
  3. Perform Hazard Assessments & Safety Trainings.
  4. Keep Good Records.
  5. Know Your Rights.
  6. Copy the Inspector.
  7. Perform Periodic Internal Audits.

What are the five OSHA inspection priorities?

What is OSHA – Topic 5 – How are OSHA inspections conducted?

  • Imminent Danger has top priority.
  • Fatalities and Catastrophes are next in priority.
  • Complaints and Referrals are OSHA’s third priority.
  • Programmed Inspections are the fourth priority.

What are the 5 steps of an OSHA on site inspection?

The following are the 6 basic phases of the OSHA inspection process with a brief description of what happens during each phase of an inspection.

  • Target Selection.
  • Opening Conference.
  • Walk-Through.
  • Closing Conference.
  • Issuance of Citation with Penalties (if applicable)
  • Contest (“Appeal”)

What is OSHA looking for?

An OSHA inspection will place an emphasis on OSHA’s posting and recordkeeping requirements. The compliance officer will want to see the records of deaths, injuries, and illnesses that you are required to keep.

Can OSHA just show up unannounced?

OSHA inspections are generally unannounced. In fact, except in four exceptional circumstances when advance notice may be given, it is a criminal offense for any person to give unauthorized advance notice of an OSHA inspection.

What happens during an OSHA investigation?

Inspection Results If there are violations of OSHA standards or serious hazards discovered during the inspection, OSHA may issue citations and fines. A citation will describe the OSHA requirements allegedly violated, list any proposed penalties, and will give a deadline for correcting the alleged hazards.

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What are the different types of OSHA inspections?

Below is a list, in order of priority, of the different types of inspections that OSHA performs.

  • Imminent Danger Inspections.
  • Investigative Inspections.
  • Employee Complaint Inspections.
  • Programmed Inspections.
  • Follow-up Inspections.

What may the compliance officer do during the inspection walk around?

During the walk-around inspection, the compliance officer will observe conditions, point out any hazards that are observed, and discuss possible correction methods for the hazards. The compliance officer may make video recordings and take photographs and various instrument readings during the inspection.

Which of the following could trigger an OSHA inspection?

OSHA regulations require that employers report a workplace fatality or reportable serious injury (hospitalization, amputation, loss of eye) to the Agency within certain short time frames. A fatality must be reported to OSHA within 8 hours which will always trigger an inspection.

Does OSHA do audits?

Safety audits are done for a variety of reasons: To check if your safety practices are coinciding with OSHA requirements. To demonstrate clearly that you meet the OSHA requirements. To promote a workplace safety culture and address injuries.

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