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FAQ: What does abating mean in hatchet?

used in Hatchet. 2 uses. to become less in amount or intensity. When he opened them again it was evening and some of the sharp pain had abated, there were many dull aches, and the crash came back to him fully.

What page is amphibious on in hatchet?

Answer and Explanation: The word ”amphibious” is used only one time in Hatchet by Gary Paulsen, in Chapter 5.

What does Vampire mean in hatchet?

Definition. Vampires. Term. to become or remain helpless. Definition.

What does amphibious mean in hatchet?

amphibious. that can live both on land and in water. diminish. to make or become smaller in size or less in force.

What does massively mean in hatchet?

Massive. Term. not flexible, stiff, hard.

What happens in chapter 5 of hatchet?

In chapter 5 of Paulsen’s Hatchet, Brian wakes up with an intense thirst. He drinks the lake water even though he is not sure if he should. He tries to get his mind together and understand what has happened. He takes stock of the items he has on him, which includes a hatchet.

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What does wincing mean in English?

verb (used without object), winced, winc·ing. to draw back or tense the body, as from pain or from a blow; start; flinch. noun. a wincing or shrinking movement; a slight start.

What is the secret in hatchet?

We find out that the Secret is the fact that his mother is having an affair–Brian saw her with another man in a station wagon while he was riding bikes with Terry. The Secret happens well before Brian’s parents’ divorce, and Brian’s father never finds out, but Brian knows it’s the cause.

Why is Brian not speaking to his mom in hatchet?

Why was Brian not speaking to his mom? He’s angry at her for causing the divorce because he saw her with another man.

Is hatchet a movie?

: a small stream of water or liquid. See the full definition for rivulet in the English Language Learners Dictionary. rivulet. noun.

What does the cross mean in hatchet?

Term. to unite or cross as if by lacing together; interweave. Definition. Interlaced.

What does dramatically mean in hatchet?

Dramatically pg.26. ” This caused the plane to dramatically slow down.” Of drama,vivid.

What words describe Brian in hatchet?

thoughtful, perceptive, and flexible. Brian starts his time in the woods as miserable as anyone would be, stranded alone and hungry. But he quickly begins to adjust, figuring out the rhythm of forest life and trying to keep a positive attitude. In the forest, he learns, there is no use or room for self-pity.

What does Initial mean in hatchet?

initial. occurring at the beginning. There had been the initial excitement, of course. altitude.

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