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FAQ: What bones attach to the patella?

The patella, also known as the kneecap, is a flat, rounded triangular bone which articulates with the femur (thigh bone) and covers and protects the anterior articular surface of the knee joint.

Pronunciation /pəˈtɛlə/
Origins present at the joint of femur and tibia fibula
Latin patella

What is attached to the patella?

The tendons of the knee. Muscles are connected to bones by tendons. The patellar tendon attaches the bottom of the kneecap (patella) to the top of the shinbone (tibia). The patella is attached to the quadriceps muscles by the quadriceps tendon.

What 2 structures attach the patella to the knee joint?

The patella is the largest sesamoid bone in the human body and is located anterior to knee joint within the tendon of the quadriceps femoris muscle, providing an attachment point for both the quadriceps tendon and the patellar ligament.

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What bones attach to the knee?

The knee consists of three bones:

  • femur – the upper leg bone, or thigh bone.
  • tibia – the bone at the front of the lower leg, or shin bone.
  • patella – the thick, triangular bone that sits over the other bones at the front of the knee, or kneecap.

What bone connects the pelvis to the patella?

The femur articulates proximally with the acetabulum of the pelvis to form the hip joint, and distally with the tibia and patella to form the knee joint.

Where is the patella attached to?

Your kneecap (patella) is a small bone in the front of your knee joint. It is not attached to another bone and is kept in place by two tendons, your patellar tendon and quadriceps tendon, and the trochlear groove. The patellar tendon attaches the bottom of the kneecap to the top of the shinbone (tibia).

What are the symptoms of a torn ligament in your knee?

What Does a Knee Ligament Injury Feel Like?

  • Pain, often sudden and severe.
  • A loud pop or snap during the injury.
  • Swelling within the first 24 hours after the injury.
  • A feeling of looseness in the joint.
  • Inability to put weight on the joint without pain, or any weight at all.

Which two bones attach to the patella quizlet?

The posterior surface of the patella articulates with the femur, and is marked by two facets. What is the medial facet? articulates with the medial condyle of the femur.

What are the two primary stabilizing structures of the knee?

The ligaments of the knee function to stabilize the knee joint. There are two important groups of ligaments that hold the bones of the knee joint together, collateral ligaments and the cruciate ligament.

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What two bones comprise the knee joint?

The knee is one of the largest and most complex joints in the body. The knee joins the thigh bone (femur) to the shin bone (tibia). The smaller bone that runs alongside the tibia (fibula) and the kneecap (patella) are the other bones that make the knee joint.

What does LCL pain feel like?

Symptoms of LCL Injury If you hurt your LCL, it’s common to have pain and swelling. These symptoms are also common: Your knee may feel stiff, sore, or tender along the outer edge. Your knee may feel like it could give out when you’re walking or standing.

What is a torn meniscus in the knee?

The meniscus is a C-shaped piece of tough, rubbery cartilage that acts as a shock absorber between your shinbone and thighbone. It can be torn if you suddenly twist your knee while bearing weight on it. A torn meniscus is one of the most common knee injuries.

How do you check yourself for a torn meniscus?

Self tests for a meniscus tear

  1. Stand on your affected leg.
  2. Bend it slightly.
  3. Twist your body away from your leg.
  4. Twist your body toward the leg.
  5. Pain on torsion away from the leg may indicate a medial meniscus injury – the inside meniscus.

What is the femur bone connected to?

The main shaft of the femur is known as the body of the femur. The distal end of the femur is where it connects with the patella (knee cap) and the bones of the lower leg, the tibia, and fibula. The distal end of the femur has a saddle that rests on the top of the tibia.

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What are the two bones that form the pelvic girdle?

The pelvic girdle is formed by a single hip bone. The hip bone attaches the lower limb to the axial skeleton through its articulation with the sacrum. The right and left hip bones, plus the sacrum and the coccyx, together form the pelvis.

What are the bones connected by?

Ligaments: Made of tough collagen fibers, ligaments connect bones and help stabilize joints. Tendons: Tendons connect muscles to bones. Made of fibrous tissue and collagen, tendons are tough but not very stretchy.

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