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FAQ: How do you get on the wheel of fortune Home Giveaway?

Enter. Log in or sign up for the Wheel Watchers Club here, then enter the Bonus Round Puzzle Solution on this page after each show airs. If you enter all five nights, we’ll double your entries.

How do you get on the wheel of fortune house giveaway?

Viewers can also take their stab at winning a home of their own with the “Home Sweet Home Giveaway.” To enter, viewers have to tune in to Wheel of Fortune each night this week, take note of the Bonus Round puzzle solution, and input it at for an entry. Winners will be chosen at random.

How do I get my Wheel of Fortune Spin ID number?

Q: Where can I find my SPIN ID? A: Visit and log in to your Wheel Watchers Club Account at the top of the page. Once you’re logged in, your SPIN ID will appear in the top right of the page, just under your name.

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What happens when you win a house on Wheel of Fortune?

The winner can choose a house in one of the three Latitude Margaritaville communities or choose a $150,000 cash prize instead of the home. If the winner is under 55, they can take the cash prize or receive a home in Westlake, FL.

How does Home Sweet Home Work on Wheel of Fortune?

They will spin the iconic Wheel to win luxury vacations to popular Margaritaville Hotels & Resorts, including those in Florida, the Caribbean and The Great Smoky Mountains, as well as a specially created “Home Sweet Home” wedge that if brought to the bonus round would add a second “Home” envelope to the bonus wheel.

How do you win $10000 on Wheel of Fortune?

How It Works

  1. Look for a contestant to land on the $10,000 Mystery Wedge.
  2. If they solve the puzzle, we’ll reveal the SPIN ID of one lucky home viewer!
  3. If your SPIN ID is revealed on air, you have 24 hours to verify by logging on to Once verified, someone from the show will call you to confirm.

Is Wheel of Fortune rigged?

The wheel itself is not rigged. Of course, this isn’t the only way that the show is streamlined to save time. For example, to avoid contestants repeating previous incorrect guesses, there’s a screen facing them showing those letters, but that’s not the only secret screen.

How does spin ID work?

When you join Wheel of Fortune’s Wheel Watchers Club, you’ll be assigned a combination of letters and numbers called your “Spin ID.” Club members with a Spin ID will be automatically entered into special sweepstakes drawings. The giveaways you enter with your Spin ID change regularly.

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How do you get souvenirs on Wheel of Fortune?

How do I collect souvenirs? You collect souvenirs by winning gift boxes. These can be won in the bonus round. The prize gets bigger the more you beat Wheel of Fortune.

Can you take cash instead of prizes on Wheel of Fortune?

No, cash can’t be substituted for prizes on Wheel of Fortune. Many winners on the show are awarded expensive prizes such as world-round trips, new cars and much more. However, these can’t be swapped out for the monetary equivalent. Contestants also have to pay taxes on their winnings.

What is the most someone has won on Wheel of Fortune?

Autumn Ehard — Winnings: $1,030,340 Autumn Ehard wasn’t the first to win a million bucks on “Wheel of Fortune,” since she appeared five years after Loewenstein, but she still holds the record for the most total winnings in a single game, a whopping $1.03 million and change.

Who won $1000000 on Wheel of Fortune?

Melissa Joan Hart is magical first $1 million winner on ‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’ “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch” star Melissa Joan Hart knew something magical had happened during her appearance on ABC’s “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune” by the wild-eyed look on the show’s famed longtime hostess.

Whats the most money someone has won on Wheel of Fortune?

“I still can’t believe it just happened.” Sajak replied, “Well you’e not dreaming, or we’re all having the same dream.” In total, Trammell won $398,690 in cash and prizes. Trammell’s history-making win took place during Wheel’s “Home Sweet Home” week.

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Where is the home Wheel of Fortune is giving away?

The house is part of the new Latitude Margaritaville community in Daytona Beach, Florida, and is valued at $375,000, bringing Trammell’s total winnings to $398,690. “Well, this is just nuts!” Sajak exclaimed. “I’m beyond excited,” Trammell said. “I’m still in shock.

Where is Margaritaville Watersound?

Latitude Margaritaville Watersound is located on Northwest Florida’s Emerald Coast between Pensacola and Panama City. It is just off of the Scenic Highway 30A corridor that runs along 20 miles of coastline with views of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Who won the Margaritaville House on Wheel of Fortune?

Wheel of Fortune and Latitude Margaritaville partnered to offer a new home to contestants and viewers during the week of April 26-30. On Tuesday, April 27, Laura Trammell of Mission Viejo, California, became the first person to ever win a brand-new home on Wheel of Fortune.

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