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FAQ: How do you fit a glass splashback to a hob?

How to fit a Glass Splashback

  1. Clean the area of the wall where the glass splashback will be fitted.
  2. Apply adhesive in ‘blobs’ on the rear of the splashback.
  3. Gentely push the glass splashback against the wall.
  4. Leave the splashback in place until the adhesive cures.
  5. Seal around the edges.

Can glass splashbacks go behind gas hob?

Can glass splashbacks go behind a gas hob? Yes, most glass splashbacks can go behind a hob with a few exceptions, it will need to be toughened first to prevent the material cracking under the heat.

What is the best adhesive for glass splashback?

For sticking it to the wall, we recommend as a glass splashback adhesive sealant, a neutral clear solvent-free silicone (also known as mirror adhesive or low modular neutral cure silicone – phew!). Its got great bonding strength, quick to cure and is water resistant so just the thing for the job.

Do I need a splashback behind my hob?

There is no rule to say you need to have the same splashback for behind the cooker and sink area. In fact not all materials will work for both areas, making it the perfect opportunity to play around with different designs.

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Can glass splashback crack from heat?

Are glass splashbacks heat, water and steam resistant? Yes – our glass splashbacks can be made toughened, which means they are heat resistant – perfect for use behind the hob without the worry that the glass will crack under heat.

What is the splashback behind a hob?

Splashbacks are primarily designed to protect walls from stains and marks whilst cooking, but can also add a subtle accent of colour to the wall behind a stovetop to create a stylish look.

Are splashbacks heat proof?

A splashback protects your kitchen walls from stains and splashes from your cooking and cleaning. Materials that are heat resistant, easy to clean and long-lasting function best. Are splashbacks better than tiles? The big advantage of a kitchen splashback panel over tiles is that no grouting is required.

What is glass glue?

Glass glue is a strong adhesive which can be used to repair different broken materials like glass, rubber, plastic, and rubber. Silicone adhesive is the most common among households.

Can you stick glass to glass?

For most common glass repairs, Loctite Glass Glue is the go-to choice. Loctite Glass Glue is great for use with all clear, colored, stained, and tinted glass types. Its unique butyl formula is designed for durable bonding of glass to glass, or glass to non-porous materials like metals and some plastics.

Can glass splashbacks be fitted over tiles?

You can install a simple glass splashback on top of tiles in a matter of minutes using neutral cure silicone, see below for a great example of a glass splashback that has been fitted on top of existing wall tiles. TThis customer chose a glass splashback that compliments the wall tiles and worktops to great effect.

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Are glass splashbacks outdated?

While glass splashbacks have been a popular choice in past years, this is one trend that you won’t see in kitchens in 2018. In fact, even expert designers have confirmed this to be true. He says, “ We don’t do many glass splashes these days. It’s just really dated, too glossy, and doesn’t fit with contemporary trends.”

How wide are hob splashbacks?

When glass is cut there is usually a 2mm tolerance on each edge therefore if your splashback is 100cm wide you should make it slightly smaller so 996-998mm if it has to fit between cupboards or upstands. 2mm in total on the total width or height is usually enough tolerance to make sure it fits.

Can you use worktop as a splashback?

There are several combinations to consider: worktops and splashbacks can be similar in tone and colour or they can contrast with each other; they can have similar finishes (ie, both be glossy or both be matt); they can offer visual variety with a mix of both; or they could be made from the same material to create a

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