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FAQ: Can you visit Lindisfarne?

The Holy Island of Lindisfarne is a must-visit, but you must check safe crossing times before visiting. Linked to the mainland by a causeway which is cut off twice daily by fast incoming tides, it is vital to check safe crossing times before crossing the causeway.

Is Lindisfarne open to the public?

Holy island is open for visitors. There are no restrictions that are specific to Holy Island. Accommodation, shops, pubs and cafes have all reopened.

Can you walk around Lindisfarne?

This Northumberland walk makes an anti-clockwise circuit of Holy Island. The route includes Lindisfarne Castle and some wild coastal walking. The island cannot be reached at high tide so careful advance planning is necessary to complete the walk.

Can you drive over to Lindisfarne?

Getting to Holy Island is always an adventure About three miles of road can be covered by the tide but coming by car is still the easiest and most common way of visiting. Many visitors will attempt the Pilgrims Way, the ancient route across the sands marked by wooden posts.

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Is it free to visit Lindisfarne?

How much does it cost to get into Lindisfarne Priory? If you are an English Heritage member admission to the priory is free. For non-members it costs £6 for adults, £3.60 for children (5-15 years), £5.30 for concessions, and £15.60 for a family.

Is Lindisfarne castle worth visiting?

Well restored and beautifully maintained, Lindisfarne Castle is definitely worth a visit. The castle is now owned by The National Trust (free entrance for members) who have done their usual excellent job of preserving our heritage.

Why is Lindisfarne Castle closed?

Lindisfarne Castle is likely to remain closed ‘for some time ‘, say National Trust. Lindisfarne Castle on Holy Island. The decision has been enforced by difficulties adhering to social distancing guidelines that reopening would cause.

How long do you need to visit Lindisfarne?

There are plenty of lovely places nearby and more to explore inland. Two days will be sufficient.

Can you walk into Holy Island?

Route information Like saints, monks, villagers and (of course) pilgrims you too can walk to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne along the ancient route that has been used long before a modern road was introduced to allow the fast crossing of cars, Amazon deliveries and council bin lorries.

Is Lindisfarne an island?

Holy Island (Lindisfarne) is situated off the Northumberland coast in the north east of England, just a few miles south of the border with Scotland. The island is linked to the mainland by a causeway which twice a day is covered by the tide.

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Can you walk to Holy Island?

It takes about two hours to walk to the Island from the Causeway. Ideally set off two hours before low tide – walking with the outgoing tide rather the rising tide. The Pilgrims route is about three miles long. Do not attempt to cross at dusk or in poor weather conditions.

Can you stay overnight on Holy Island?

Holy Island has a wide range of quality Accommodation and is an extremely popular place to stay. There are Hotels, Self Catering Cottages and family run B&B’s, something to suit everyone’s needs. If you are looking for Caravan or Camp Sites in and around Holy Island, please visit our Caravan and Camping Page.

Is Lindisfarne the same as Holy Island?

Lindisfarne – also known as Holy Island – is one of the most important centres of early English Christianity.

When can you cross to Lindisfarne?

The Holy Island of Lindisfarne is cut off from the mainland twice a day during high tide. During these times the causeway leading to the island (“Holy Island Causeway”) is submerged, either in parts, or entirely, and it is impossible to cross.

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