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FAQ: Can you put a hot tub in garage?

The advantages of an indoor hot tub are many. But those who don’t have enough room in their house may be asking, “Can I put a hot tub in the garage?” With a bit of planning and preparation, installing a hot tub in a garage is absolutely possible.

Can you put a hot tub inside a garage?

No matter where your hot tub is installed, it needs to be on a solid, stable base. Since many garages are built on a concrete slab, this shouldn’t be a problem. However, if your garage has a dirt floor you’ll need a more stable base installed to place the hot tub on.

Can a hot tub be installed indoors?

Most hot tubs go outdoors, but an indoor installation will suit the needs of some hot tub owners-privacy being the top issue. And, if you are building a new room, make sure you leave ample opening for delivery of the spa! Have the spa installed before you close up that last wall.

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How do you vent a hot tub room?

Ventilation Fan Just like a bathroom, the room that contains the hot tub will get high levels of humidity so will need a ventilation fan. It should be a quiet one so it is not too disturbing. This vent fan is used to remove humidity from the room to avoid dry rot.

Can you put an inflatable hot tub in a basement?

You can put an inflatable hot tub in a basement. You need to make sure there is adequate ventilation. You don’t want the humidity and moisture from damaging the structure of your house. You do not want to fill the structure of your house with mold from the moisture either.

Do you need ventilation for a hot tub?

Ventilation is essential. Indoor hot tubs require ventilation – the hot air and steam that are generated by the use of the hot tub need a way to escape or they can cause issues with mould and rot.

Is there a difference between a jacuzzi and a hot tub?

Jacuzzi is simply a brand name of hot tub. All brands will have different features and components to make them different from other hot tub brands. However, rather than focusing on a name, your hot tub purchase should be based on the quality and features that fit your budget and desires.

Do indoor hot tubs smell?

Whatever the reason, the water in your hot tub doesn’t smell like it normally does. The clean, crisp and refreshing smell has been replaced with a chemical one. Just as with routine maintenance, you’ll test the water — looking to see whether the water pH is too low or the chlorine is too high.

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What is hot tub lung?

Hot tub lung (HTL) is a granulomatous lung disease thought to occur as a result of a hypersensitivity response to non-tuberculous mycobacteria (NTM). Typical radiographic findings are diffuse micronodular and/or ground glass opacities.

What should I put on the walls in my hot tub?

Moisture-proof the walls. Make it easy for your walls to handle the room’s high humidity by making them water-resistant. You can add a moisture barrier to them. Or seize the opportunity to make your oasis feel more spa-like by upgrading from drywall to another material like glass, marble, ceramic tiles, or even cedar.

Can you put a hot tub in a 3 season room?

Just as you would an outdoor hot tub, you need to be able to fill your indoor hot tub. A hose is the most efficient way of filling a hot tub, and it will need to be able to reach your spa. If you put a hot tub in a three-season room, you might be able to access the outdoor spigot.

Are there seats in inflatable hot tubs?

Answer: Inflatable spas typically don’t include seats. However, most models include some sort of cushioned bottom on which to sit, which feels comfortable enough. Even though blow-up hot tubs don’t provide the molded seats that other portable spas have, you can buy them separately.

Do you leave inflatable hot tubs on all the time?

But in our experience, if you use your inflatable hot tub regularly – let’s say three times a week or more – it’s much better to leave the heater on all the time. We suggest that when you finish in your hot tub for the day, you set the heater’s digital control to around 96F.

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Can you use a inflatable hot tub in the winter?

Despite the fact that most inflatable hot tubs are not rated for use in air temperatures below 40° F, it is common for people to use hot tubs in wintertime. Testing has proven to us that inflatable hot tubs can maintain temperature in freezing cold and can be enjoyed in winter.

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