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How To Troll For Mackerel?

Trolling for Spanish Mackerel is the most popular method of catching them. Dive planers of the first or second class are used in our region, with a tiny gold or silver spoon trailing 15 to 20 feet back on a 30 pound test leader, trailing after the planers. It is critical to employ a swivel behind the planer in order to avoid line twisting during the planing process.

How to trolling for king mackerel?

When trolling for king mackerel, a kayak is a very effective mode of transportation.Most of the time, monarchs do not want their bait trolled at a fast rate of speed, and this is understandable.In fact, the slower the trolling pace, the more efficient it is at catching kings in particular situations.Kayaks may be used to slow troll artificial lures, although live bait is often preferred by paddlers since it is more palatable to them.

How many rods should I use when trolling for Spanish mackerel?

When trolling for Spanish mackerel, I prefer to use no more than two rigs at a time, although it is completely OK to troll with only one setup. Running two rods has the additional benefit of allowing you to experiment with different baits to determine what the fish are nibbling on.

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What is the best way to catch Spanish mackerel?

When it comes to finding and targeting Spanish mackerel, trolling dead and live baits at slower speeds is by far the most effective method. This is because these presentations have a natural smell and lifelike action, which is more likely to trigger an immune response and entice a bite, even if the fish are not particularly hungry or active.

Do mackerel eat dead baits?

The variety of dead baits available for troll fishing is enormous, and if it has the ability to swim, mackerel will eat it in large quantities. Garfish, pike, sauries, tailor, slimies, yakkas, and bonito are some of the most popular baits, but you may also use little mac tuna, school mackerel, fusiliers, silver trevally, and grinners as well as other species.

What’s the best trolling speed for mackerel?

The key to more efficient Mackerel trolling is to move quickly…. Trout are more likely to be caught on lures if they are trolled at a quicker pace. While 6 knots is acceptable, 7 knots, 8 knots, 9 knots, or 10 knots is much better. The more quickly you can troll, the more probable it is that you will get linked.

What depth do you troll for Spanish mackerel?

Generally speaking, I find that Spanish mackerel prefer depths of roughly 30 metres, however I have caught them at depths as little as 9 metres and as deep as 60 metres. If you can locate drop-offs or structural features within 20-30 metres to 30-40 metres of the water’s surface, it will be worthwhile to target these places if there are no bait schools nearby.

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What is the best tide to catch mackerel?

An early spring high tide is the greatest time to go mackerel fishing. These are the tides that occur when the difference between high and low water is at its highest, and the flow of water is at its greatest intensity. When the tides are high, bait fish are pushed closer to shore, and mackerel follow them in.

How do you slow troll?

Slowing your trolling pace using drift socks and trolling bags is another option. These devices, like parachutes, produce drag, which is what causes speed to be reduced. When compared to drift socks, trolling bags have more robust construction to handle the additional strain placed on the chute and straps by a moving boat, which is especially important in severe seas.

What is the leader of mackerel?

The fluorocarbon leader he generally uses for Spanish mackerel is 30-40 pounds, but if there are any king mackerel around, he will switch to a heavier leader. If he’s going after kings, he’ll often utilize the #3 wire leader.

How fast do you troll for Spanish mackerel?

For Spanish mackerel, the trolling speed should be between five and seven knots. No matter how many ball bearing swivels you employ, the 15-pound leader is going to rotate at this pace. Having one in the mix will help to slow down the inevitable, but it will not prevent the twisting from occurring.

How do you attract mackerel?

When fishing mackerel in this area, a string of lures or feathers is the most successful method of capturing them. These simple lures are retrieved sporadically through the water, imitating tiny baitfish such as sand eels, which are a staple diet of mackerel, and are retrieved in a similar manner. Colors ranging from plain white to brilliant day-glo orange work well in this setting.

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What is the best time to catch Spanish mackerel?

Generally speaking, the hours around dawn and sunset are the most favorable. Spanish, on the other hand, are a schooling fish that will come by the pier at any hour of the day. Using a Gotcha, I was able to catch a Spanish Mackerel while fishing off the Okaloosa Island Pier’s far end.

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