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How To Reserve Conference Room At Noodles?

When organizing a meeting in Outlook, follow these steps to book a conference room: The New Meeting button in the Outlook toolbar may be used to create a new meeting window in Outlook. Outlook’s toolbar contains a variety of options. When you’re in the meeting window, click Location to find the room you’d want to rent.

Is first meeting noodle worth it?

First Meeting Noodle is a little establishment, but it packs a punch in terms of flavor! They only had around 15-20 tables in all, but the food was excellent. There’s a nice dining area where you can keep an eye on the chefs while they create your meal. My impression is that they produce all of their noodles in-house, and it shows in the quality.

Are the noodles at Chongqing noodles good?

It was a little bit thick with the noodles, but it was an overall good dish. Next time, I’ll most likely purchase an extra batch of mustard greens. My wife ordered the Chongqing noodle soup, which she thought was excellent also.

What is the best noodle place in Rochester?

Begin your review of First Meeting Noodle by clicking here. Excellent to have a decent noodles restaurant in Rochester. Chongqing and Shanxi were my choices, but Shanxi was my wife’s. Even though Shanxi had a wonderful umami beef taste, it might have used a little extra cilantro or mustard greens (or something with a herbal or acidic flavor) to balance off the richness of the broth.

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