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How To Grill Bone In Chicken Breast Gas Grill?

The approach you’ll use to cook bone-in chicken breasts on a gas grill will use a variety of different heat sources.Cook the bone-in chicken breasts over the hottest grills for the best browning and crisping of the skin.Then, to finish cooking the chicken, transfer it to a cooler portion of the grill to keep it from burning.Keep the grill lid covered while the bone-in chicken is being cooked on indirect or lower heat.

How to cook bone-in chicken breasts?

However, while bone-in chicken breasts take a little longer to cook than boneless chicken breasts, the results are often well worth the extra effort.Marinate your chicken ahead of time to give it a little additional flavor, then cook it gently on the grill until it’s done.You’ll be well on your way to having a fantastic dinner prepared on your grill.Choose between a marinade and a dry rub to enhance the flavor of the meat.

How long do you cook chicken breast on a Weber grill?

For two minutes, turn off the grill and let it cool. Turning the chicken breasts with tongs after two minutes will ensure that they are well cooked on all sides. Close the grill once more. Continue to check the chicken breasts every two to three minutes for a total of about 10 minutes after the first inspection.

What side of the grill do you cook chicken breast on?

Make sure to cook your chicken breasts on the hottest part of your grill. Allow each side to cook until visible char or grill marks appear on it. By searing your chicken in this manner, you may help keep the taste and moisture in the meat.

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