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What did the Webster Hayne debate start over?

Hayne of South Carolina. It was motivated by a dispute over the continued sale of western lands, an important source of revenue for the federal government. While the debaters argued about slavery, the economy, protection tariffs, and western land, the real implication was the meaning of the United States Constitution.

What was the topic of the Hayne Webster debate?

The Webster–Hayne debate was a famous debate in the United States between Senator Daniel Webster of Massachusetts and Senator Robert Y. Hayne of South Carolina that took place on January 19–27, 1830 on the topic of protectionist tariffs.

What was the Webster Hayne debate quizlet?

The Webster-Hayne debate was between Senator Daniel Webster of Massachusetts and Senator Robert Y. Hayne of South Carolina, 1830 regarding protectionist tariffs. Calhoun, was a proponent of protective tariffs; later, he was a proponent of free trade.

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What did Hayne argue?

as governor, Hayne served as Chairman of South Carolina’s nullification convention. Hamilton and Hayne argued that states could “nullify” federal laws with which they did not agree. Eighty percent of its 162 delegates voted to nullify federal tariffs of 1828 and 1832, and for the Ordinance of Nullification.

What was Webster’s argument?

In Webster’s reply to Hayne, he argued that the southern states secede since the Constitution applies to both the North and the South. This debate brought into question the limits of what the federal government could do. Webster’s reply to Hayne revealed his sense of federalism.

How did Daniel Webster view the Constitution?

In Webster’s view, the fundamental question was: “Whose prerogative is it to decide on the constitutionality or unconstitutionality of the laws? ” He held that the Constitution of the United States “confers on the Government itself, to be exercised by its appropriate Department, and under its responsibility to the

Which of the following is true of Robert Y Hayne during the Webster Hayne Debate Group of answer choices?

(Q005) Which of the following is true of Robert Y. Hayne during the Webster-Hayne debate? He believed that only the states had the right to nullify federal laws they disliked. (Q028) During the economic depression following the Panic of 1837, Van Buren supported emergency government aid for the unemployed.

What was the Webster Hayne debate Apush?

An argument between Daniel Webster and Robert Hayne, about the issue states’ rights versus national power. Webster said that Hayne was a challenge to the integrity of the Union. Hayne responded with a defense of the theory of nullification.

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How did Andrew Jackson feel about the Webster Hayne debate?

Livingston’s ideas followed those of his boss, Andrew Jackson, who denied nullification during the course of the Webster-Hayne Debate with his memorable toast to Calhoun, Hayne, and the nullifiers, “ Our federal Union: it must be preserved! ”

What issue was at hand with the Webster Hayne debate what were Hayne’s and Webster’s point of views?

Hayne’s entry into the debate turned the issue of the sale of public lands into a clash between state sovereignty and national sovereignty, and he expounded these sovereignties in terms of rival and irreconcilable theories of constitutional construction and the nature of the federal Union.

Where was the Webster Hayne debate?

Hayne of South Carolina, January 27, 1830.

Did Jackson support Hayne and Webster?

In April, after Hayne defended states’ rights in the principal speech at the annual Jefferson Day dinner in Washington, President Jackson offered the first “volunteer” toast and echoed Webster’s nationalism: “Our Federal Union.

Who argued in a famous debate with South Carolina’s Robert Hayne that the people not the states created the Constitution?

Who argued in a famous debate with South Carolina’s Robert Hayne that the people, not the states, created the Constitution? Daniel Webster. Who wrote Exposition and Protest and emerged by the early 1830s as the most prominent spokesman for the right of nullification?

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