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Readers ask: Will take up on your offer?

If you take someone up on their offer or invitation, you accept it. If you take a person up on something, you ask them to explain something that they have just said or done, for example because you think it is wrong or strange.

What does it mean to take up on an offer?

(take someone up on something) to accept an offer or invitation that someone has made. I’ve decided to take you up on that job offer. Synonyms and related words. To say yes. accede.

What does it mean to take up someone?

to become friendly with or spend time with someone: She’s recently taken up with a strange group of people.

Do you take offers meaning?

If you accept something that you have been offered, you say yes to it or agree to take it.

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Can I take you up on your offer?

take (someone) up on (a bet/an offer) To “take someone up on” something means to accept what they’ve offered. For example, if someone invited you to have dinner together, and you agreed, you can describe it this way: I took him up on his offer to take me out to dinner.

Would love to take you up on your offer?

“To take someone up on something” means to accept an offer from them. So, “Can I take you up on your offer of a meal?” is a polite way of saying “I have thought about accepting the meal that you offered, and I would like to accept that meal.”

What does it mean to take up someones time?

to require too much of someone else’s time; to waste someone’s time. (Also with so much of or too much of, as in the examples.) You’re taking up my time.

How do you use take up in a sentence?

1. She was unable to take up the London posting. 2. activities take up too much of our time.

What is the meaning of the phrasal verb take up?

to start doing something regularly as a habit, job, or interest. I took up smoking when I was at school. Chris has taken up jogging. take up a post/position: The new surgeon will take up her post in May.

What do you mean by an offer?

An offer is a clear proposal to sell or buy a specific product or service under specific conditions. Offers are made in a manner that a reasonable person would understand its acceptance and will result in a binding contract.

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What does it mean when someone offers something to you?

To suggest or propose doing something on behalf of someone or for someone’s benefit.

How do you tell someone to make an offer?

Jessica Eastman Stewart

  1. Be thorough, but do not wait unnecessarily.
  2. Always call.
  3. Share why they are the right candidate.
  4. Share the compensation.
  5. Ask what questions they have.
  6. Discuss start date.
  7. Set a date by when they will let you know.
  8. Congratulate them again.

What does I’ll take you on mean?

to fight or compete against someone or something: I’ll take you on in a game of chess.

What does pick up on mean?

(pick up on something) to talk in more detail about something that someone has mentioned. I’d just like to pick up on a couple of points that you made. Synonyms and related words. To discuss something.

Has been taken up meaning?

Definitions of taken up. adjective. having or showing excessive or compulsive concern with something. “he was taken up in worry for the old woman” synonyms: haunted, obsessed, preoccupied concerned.

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