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Quick Answer: What is a polemic argument?

Polemic (/pəˈlɛmɪk/) is contentious rhetoric intended to support a specific position by forthright claims and to undermine the opposing position. The practice of such argumentation is called polemics. A person who writes polemics, or speaks polemically, is called a polemicist.

What is an example of polemic?

Polemic is a controversy, debate or dispute, or a person who is inclined to argue. A written attack on a political decision is an example of a polemic. A person who argues about science or religion or about how science and religion intersect is an example of a polemic. noun.

What is polemic debate?

From the analysis, the author declares that a polemic is indeed a debate about a current issue of public interest present in many varied genres (leaflets, articles of opinion, among others) and in different types of discourses (journalistic, political, among others), which must be distinguished from ordinary

What are polemic issues?

A polemic is a strong attack or argument against something. Most of the time the topic is on a controversial subject; like important issues concerning civil or human rights, philosophy and ethics, politics, religion, and so on.

What does being a polemicist mean?

A polemicist is a person who attacks someone else with written or spoken words. A heated debate is the perfect venue for a polemicist. If you’re a polemicist, you have very strong opinions, and you’re not afraid to state them — even if they hurt other people.

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What does polemic approach mean?

Polemic (/pəˈlɛmɪk/) is contentious rhetoric intended to support a specific position by forthright claims and to undermine the opposing position. Polemics are thus seen in arguments on controversial topics. The practice of such argumentation is called polemics.

What is critical thinking polemics?

A polemic is an aggressive, uncompromisingly critical verbal assault. Polemics can be written or spoken, and anyone who issues one isn’t joking around. You can think of a polemic as an argument against something, but it’s also a little more intense than that.

What to write a polemic about?

A polemic usually addresses serious matters of religious, philosophical, political, or scientificimportance. A polemic is often written specifically to dispute or refute a position or theory that is widely accepted. The word is derived from the Greek word polemikos (πολεμικός), which means “warlike,” “hostile”.

What is the opposite of polemic?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for polemic. acclaim, applause, commendation, praise.

What topics are relevant today?

The Top 10 Most Important Current Global Issues

  • Climate Change. The global temperatures are rising, and are estimated to increase from 2.6 degrees Celsius to 4.8 degrees Celsius by 2100.
  • Pollution.
  • Violence.
  • Security and Well Being.
  • Lack of Education.
  • Unemployment.
  • Government Corruption.
  • Malnourishment & Hunger.

What is a polemic divorce?

Milton’s divorce tracts refer to the four interlinked polemical pamphlets —The Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce, The Judgment of Martin Bucer, Tetrachordon, and Colasterion—written by John Milton from 1643–1645. They argue for the legitimacy of divorce on grounds of spousal incompatibility.

What does it mean when a person is pedantic?

Pedantic is an insulting word used to describe someone who annoys others by correcting small errors, caring too much about minor details, or emphasizing their own expertise especially in some narrow or boring subject matter.

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What does it mean to describe something as polemical What is a polemic?

1a: an aggressive attack on or refutation of the opinions or principles of another. b: the art or practice of disputation or controversy —usually used in plural but singular or plural in construction. 2: an aggressive controversialist: disputant.

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