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Question: What kind of juniper is good for bonsai?

The two most popular juniper species for bonsai with scale-like foliage are the Chinese Juniper and the Japanese Shimpaku. The Japanese Shimpaku is actually a variety of Chinese Juniper which was originally found in the mountains of Japan.

Can you use any juniper for bonsai?

There are over 50 species of juniper, ranging from low-growing shrubs to tall, spindly trees, all marked by vibrant green leaves or scales and hardy deep-red bark. Adaptability and versatility are what make juniper bonsai trees the perfect variety for the practice.

Is juniper a good beginner bonsai?

Juniper is also perfect for bonsai newbies because it takes well to over-pruning. Although aggressive pruning can weaken them and cause browning, the trees will ultimately recover from pruning mishaps.

Can a juniper bonsai grow indoors?

Placement: Your bonsai may be grown either indoors or outdoors. Indoors, situate it where it will receive bright light with three or more hours of direct sunlight. If outdoors, place in light shade where it is protected from the wind.

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How do you pick a juniper bonsai tree?

Buying a healthy plant Branches: a healthy Bonsai should not have branches that cross and have even distribution of branches throughout the shape of the tree. Leaves: the leaves on a Bonsai should be a healthy and bright green colour. None of the leaves should be dried out or look off-colour.

How do I know what kind of juniper I have?

A helpful way to perfect juniper tree identification is by looking at its cones. Juniper cones on male trees are small and either yellow or tan. The female plants produce colorful berries, which are actually modified cones. Northwest species berries turn blue at maturity, but some species have red berries.

Can juniper bonsai live indoors Reddit?

Junipers cannot survive indoors: r/Bonsai.

What plant is best for bonsai?

Top 10 Bonsai Plants

  • Japanese Maple. The Japanese maple (Acer palmatum) is chosen primarily for bonsai, due to its leaves, colour, and its adaptability to form bonsai.
  • Dwarf Schefflera.
  • Indian Laurel Fig.
  • Bodhi Tree.
  • Common Beech.
  • Crape Myrtle.
  • Boxwood.
  • Pachira Bonsai.

What is the easiest bonsai tree to grow?

Ficus Bonsai – The Easiest Bonsai for both Indoor and Outdoor. The Ficus bonsai is the bonsai we recommend for beginners that are new to bonsai and do not have the time for regular waterings. Since the ficus is so resilient to underwatering, it makes it ideal for those that want a low maintenance tree.

How do I make my bonsai trunk thicker?

The only way for a trunk to grow thicker is to let the tree grow freely in a large container, without pruning it for several years. Once you are satisfied with the thickness of the trunk you can train it again and place it in a smaller pot.

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How do you keep juniper bonsai green?

Filtered or shaded sunlight outside is best for your Juniper bonsai. Allow your Juniper bonsai to get low intensity morning sunlight when possible and avoid the direct afternoon sunlight. Green Mound Junipers love lots of bright light with a minimum of four hours direct sunlight a day.

When should I repot my juniper bonsai?

Late winter is the best time to re-pot your bonsai tree. Mid February is a good general average for most Bonsai trees. During the winter, your Bonsai is dormant and the tree “rests” for the Spring. Junipers, of course, are evergreens and don’t lose their leaves like a deciduous tree, but they go dormant just the same.

Can I use Miracle Grow on bonsai tree?

Fertilize regularly; bonsai shaping is easiest done with consistent growth. Use a liquid fertilizer solution like Miracle-Gro mixed with water every two to four weeks during the growing season. Do this after watering for best results, and don’t fertilize soon after repotting a bonsai.

Are juniper bonsai indoor or outdoor?

A juniper bonsai tree should remain outdoors for most, if not all, of its life. It is an outdoor plant that will die if placed indoors for more than a few days at a time. A juniper bonsai will die when exposed to unideal conditions. The plant needs at least 5 hours of sunlight a day.

How fast do juniper bonsai trees grow?

If you grow a bonsai tree from its seed, an average bonsai tree can take up to 5 years to start looking as a real tree. Most people get a bonsai tree that has been pre-grown (so around 5 years old) and take care of it for around 10-15 years more.

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